Shhhh.... be vewy quiet, we're hunting Dwones!

I stumbled upon this... um... interesting video on Youtube.  Amazingly over 500,000 people have already watched it.  I think for the most part it's just some guys having fun with guns.  But it's another interesting insight into the growing fearmongering about domestic drones.

The statement that "The first person to shoot down a drone will be folk hero" is probably quite true I think.

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  • All of fragment after explode was taken away, wasn't they? Hope don't pollute the environment.

  • LOL very funny, the first legal way to make money with a uav  in the the drone for free.......charge for the bullets......every pass it good for 500-600 $$$  just need to make sure you fly very low or you will have rounds falling for miles around.

  • Dude. Chill with the hostility & negativity. Geez...

    mac% git log | grep "Smokey, this is not 'Nam. this is bowling. there are rules"
        * Smokey, this is not 'Nam. this is bowling. there are rules

  • This guy is a complete nut job. He's been around for years. Doesn't matter which party is in charge. He's a complete opportunistic feces cranium. Always was always will be. Anything to rile up his neanderthal readers. That's why this kind of bull shit exits. 

    Hopefully it will die down after a while, but I doubt it :(

  • I for one, welcome the infowars dating site.

  • Guess some people just don't have anything better to do with $300. 

  • gun lobby against drones or to simplify it: more drones less guns.

  • So much for keeping weapons off the web site  that is an interesting air frame they are shooting at 

  • Moderator

    This is nothing new there are companies selling RC aircraft for shoots

    What has changed is the context. 

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