Shift : The new generation of drone controller

The first drone that can be controlled by just one hand, this is very original.

One Hand Control System… It is unfamiliar and somewhat doubtful..

But, when I flied the drone, Shift, I was surprised by this new technology.


I am sure you already have experienced difficulties of controlling a drone with two hands; also it is even more difficult for beginners to learn. In order to solve this issue, the new startup company, ‘this is_engineering’ developed the new drone that can be controlled in more intuitive ways.


Once you just put this special ring on your thumb, you can control the drone with your thumb. The drone follows as your thumb’s movement. Even you can calibrate the drone controller for your own comfort.


I think this is awesome, but we still have to see how durable the drone would be after few try outs.

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  • kickstartish...

  • Seems like a bad idea, too limited motion.  Thumb gets tired or you loose concentration and reflax your thumb and bad things happen!

  • MR60

    seems totally counter intuitive to me; Yike

  • I think this is not a good solution. Since the video has no comment on what materials used for the ring and whether it is adjustable or not, how one can imagine the ring fits all? Kid's finger might be too small for the ring. 

    What if user loose the ring? Of if user drop the controller during flying? fly away? 

    More problem would appear than solving problems.

  • Yaw?
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