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  • Hi Roman, I woulod be very interested in your result if you will do a test, although the accuracy of RTK has been tested in many ways.

  • Hi Nik.

    I was thinking about comparing two tracks, GNSS and robotik total station:


  • @Roman Hi Roman, do you mean a demo of real time kinematics of GNSS board? Please check if this video shows what you would like to see.

  • Interesting to see examples of the kinematics for the board. For example with a track for the movement of the robotic total station or move circle on the carousel.

  • @Roman Even Mark function is also there on board.

  • @Waladi
    Generally, PPS signal is not used to trigger a camera. The general solution is to enable the synchronization between the shutter to the flash. When the camera is taking a photo, a pulse is sent to the receiver through the PC (Prontor-Compur connection) port. port. The exact time when the photo is taken will be saved for post-processing.

  • Unfortunately you are just able to trigger the camera. The problem is, if your camera needs to focus there will be a delay between the trigger signal and the capture. I personally prefer using the feedback signal (flash signal) for logging. In my opinion this is the most accuarte method for synchronisation.


    U can use a relay pin to trigger your camera. i used opto electronics in between to sepperate the curcits. I dont know which camera u are using? But u find some information on the web. Here is some infomration about relay pin configuration and trggering a canon power shot camera DSLR Cameras normally have trigger pins, so you dont have to hack the firmaware of your camera.

    I also recommend to use some opto electronics inbetween to seperate the curcits.

    Greetings, Chris

    Pixhawk Camera Trigger Cable for Canon CHDK Cameras
  • with Event Mark no works?

  • Great... 

    Do you have any guide on how to integrate and shutter command with Pixhawk ?

    And step-by-step process to geotag the images using results from PPS ?


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