Sikorsky Cypher predecessor?

Sikorsky Cypher; Although the Wikipedia article on this UAV claims it was developed in the late 80's, It was a classified project in the 70's. I know this because I personally put many of the used and damaged blueprints in the "burn barrel" with other top secret documents in 1974.

I am not sure why this was classified as it was devloped at a university in the 60's and quite well known at the time.

Now, here is my question: What was the university and professor that invented it ? for the life of me I can't remember. I think it was at Stanford but I can't find any info on it anymore. There was a video clip of it in an old documentary but I can't remember it either. Getting too old I guess.

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  • It took them 45 years for the Govt to buy $5M worth. It's a total failure from a business standpoint. They need to stick to what they do best. They make great military helicopters, not much else.

  • I was actually thinking about these the other day and I was trying to figure out what they were doing right now. I remember when they were supposed to be the next big thing for urban environments and security.
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