Silkopter - creating a FC in 8 minutes

I've been working on silkopter FC for almost an year and this is the 3rd iteration. The core idea is to model a multirotor as a signal processing device that takes sensor input streams and a RC stream and outputs a PWM stream.

Each processing unit is modeled as a node with zero or more inputs and output streams, each with its own sample rate.

More details here:

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  • Excellent job. Visual FC scripting would be amazing to have.

  • Thanks a lot for the positive comments. It is very useful in learning about control algorithms, signal processing, bandwidth, etc.

    The next step is to add visualizers for all the streams. So one could view and compare acceleration streams before and after a LPF or a resampler. Same for location, angular velocity, etc.

    Also signal injection is on the feature list. This will be useful to test various nodes. For example linking the MPU9250, the MS5611 and the PWM Sink with a bullet physics simulation will allow one to completely test the UAV.

  • Great work! This should really help with research and education in drone control algorithms.

    Looking forward to see it working on Navio+.

  • Keep it up. The flexibility this would give the common modeler is very exciting. I could def see myself using something like this for setting up custom flight controllers, especially for more complex systems, such as VTOL aircraft.

    9/10 for cool idea and implementation
    10/10 for music choice

  • Wow, it's amazing !

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