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Aerospace Engineer - Texas A&M Focus: Stability and Controls

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Kevin Hainline commented on JeanLeFlambeur's blog post Silkopter - creating a FC in 8 minutes
"Keep it up. The flexibility this would give the common modeler is very exciting. I could def see myself using something like this for setting up custom flight controllers, especially for more complex systems, such as VTOL aircraft.9/10 for cool idea…"
Mar 9, 2015
Kevin Hainline posted a discussion
I'm starting a guide for model aircraft design. It will consist of quick Youtube videos and a pdf explaining relevant equations/ aerospace concepts. Before I get too in depth making this content, I wanted to know: What you are looking for in such a…
Mar 8, 2015
Kevin Hainline replied to Abhinav Chevula's discussion PPM Documentation
"If you're trying to simulate a ppm signal to the autopilot, the pixhawk is designed to accept a wide variety of ppm signals, any ppm generation library should be fine.In terms of your project, what are you trying to do? You want to control the…"
Nov 3, 2014
Kevin Hainline replied to DG's discussion What is the straight skinny on powering the Pixhawk? in PIXHAWK
"The way you have it actually looks correct. Its different than what he has but it should work. The reason why yours still works even though you don't have a connection from PM to the rails is because you have a BEC already going to the rails. That…"
Nov 3, 2014
Kevin Hainline replied to DG's discussion Pixhawk and gps mounting location in PIXHAWK
"If your receiver is in the same orientation you should be fine, but if your aircraft rotates the antenna to be pointing to or from your receiver you'll be toast. That's why generally both tx and rx are vertical: in LEVEL flight, any compass…"
Nov 3, 2014
Kevin Hainline replied to Karan Chawla's discussion FPV Aircraft
"The reason why the lift line starts going behind the wing is because there is a non-zero moment from that airfoil but lift is approaching zero. To accurately express the moment caused by the very small lift, they have to place the lift far behind…"
Nov 3, 2014