'Simpler' Andropilot 1.8 released to production

Hi ya'll,

Thanks to Luciano Zanchi, Gary Mortimer and Remigijus this new release is now out to production.  


The main features compared to the last GA release:

  • Substantially simplified user interface (the sidebar now gets hidden by default in landscape mode - if you want it back, just choose 'Show Sidebar' in the menu).  Most interesting data floats over the map view.
  • Bluetooth and on-screen joystick improvements for safety and response rate
  • More time spent with the profiler, should be even faster than old versions
  • Special UIs for phones with small screens

If you would like to use the bluetooth or on screen joysticks, please be extra careful because that code has been used by less than 2% of the users.  If you need to grab control away with the RC xmitter, just toggle the mode switch or press the cancel button on the tablet/joystick.

Here's Luciano's review of this feature:

Flown 3 lipos controlling copter with Andropilot only using new icons and joysticks. RC radio left only for emergency. Everything OK in STAB, LOITER, GUIDED, LAND, etc.

IMHO this version can be promoted to GA...perhaps with some notice for beeing careful with [Arm] icon 


The beta release chain will now be focused on testing/developing scripting for GCS and vehicle operations.  If you are interested in being on the bleeding edge.  Join this G+ group and opt-in.

Of course any feedback/code-fixes/questions are welcome here or here or here ;-). 

Thanks so much - this particular release was a lot of fun to futz with...

Bonus picture of a (very crowded but usable) layout on a small phone:


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  • Done. Thanks Kevin.
  • Developer

    Actually - half of that is in there - you can load .wpt files (mission planner format) by opening them on the web or from the sd card.  However, I should add a menu option to save the wpts to a file.  Do you mind putting in a github?


  • Hey Kevin, would it be difficult to save/load missions through Andropilot? I frequent different locations, sometimes in the same day. It would be quite helpful if I could load previous missions from SD.
  • Regarding incoming calls, I've answered during followme, put it on speaker, walked and talked with copter overhead. Haven't used the onscreen joysticks much, but a quick 'ignore' should put you back on track.
  • Great, now I have another reason to get an Android tablet! 8-)
  • Developer

    Yes.  It always logs tlogs to the sdcard (by default).  Also, if you pick a username and a password in settings it will upload your flights to droneshare.  (Where you can then view/plot them or download the tlogs)

  • I noticed that you can save a session log.

    Is the log file readable by Mission Planner as a tlog or rlog? My concern is that I would like an MP readable log for doing a post mortem after a flight, tuning or otherwise.

  • This is really coming along nicely! Great work.

  • Developer

    @Chris - good point, I'll change the default to on (and probably hide the UI for 'stay awake when connected' - it really makes no sense to ever turn that one off)

    @ReM - if you get a call the incoming call screen will come up (that is the one unblockable screen in Android).  As soon as you slide to do not answer you'll be back to Andropilot.  I agree with Gary, if using a phone (most people use tablets - where this is a non issue) probably best to set do not disturb.

  • Moderator

    Its probably not the best idea to fly a UA through a device that might receive calls. I can't see an aviation authority ever approving that. If you have a TX there as well you could use that as the primary device whilst you took a call.

    I personally would not use the GCS on a live phone, think I would switch it to air mode whilst flying.

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