SKELLIT - Modular mission control system

11029197873?profile=RESIZE_710xSKELLIT is a family of wearable, hand-held, console- and deskmount solutions for tablets and smartphones, all based on the same extremely compact active docking technology. Your tablet just snaps into the secure application specific frame, and it can be removed using only two fingers, while it will never come loose from any other force or impact.

Active docking also means instant connection to peripherals like a gamepad or wired LAN and, of course, an external power source. It is essential to anyone using their mobile device regularly for professional purposes, especially outdoors.

11029198284?profile=RESIZE_710xWe can't always choose the operator location and other conditions of drone missions. That's where such modularity really comes in handy. For most quick flights you can keep the tablet docked in the handheld set with the RF module snapped onto its back. However, if you want to stay seated in your car for a longer mission, the docking RF module can go on the roof, and you're comfortably holding just a handheld unit.

11029198872?profile=RESIZE_710xOnce you have to hike to your launch point or have to access the controller frequently during the day, a wearable set is the most comfortable solution. Mounting the flat RF box on your shoulder or on a backpack, and only having to hold a small rugged controller keeps everything light for you on the job.

11029199095?profile=RESIZE_710xSome of you may have seen our earlier mission control stations, or our various other sUAS system integrations. We've been developing products for all areas of the UAV-USV field for well over a decade now. Most of our customers want rugged IP54-68 grade gear from us, so that's what we do.

11029201090?profile=RESIZE_710xThe other main equipment feature we concentrate on is portability, which may mean quick field assembly from compact and light modules, or just lean and mean self-contained and instantly usable systems. While we've always tried to design most of our hand-held mission controls with at least some level of wearability in mind, our latest SKELLIT product line surely provides the pinnacle of this feature.

11029203076?profile=RESIZE_710xSKELLIT Protean is the full UAV-USV controller package for any given industrial tablet, which may include any combination, or in fact all of these modules:

SKELLIT HH - the handheld controller unit with 2-4 joysticks, 2 toggles and 6-8 pushbuttons

SKELLIT RF - snaps right onto the back of the HH or on the tripod adapter, with a long range digital IP datalink RF module inside, i.e. Microhard, Silvus, Doodle Labs, etc.

SKELLIT RF tripod adapter - you can mount it on top of a mast and powerful magnets can hold it onto your car roof for separation and a better vantage point

SKELLIT body radio - shoulder mount adapter for the RF box

SKELLIT full MOLLE - wearable mount for plate carriers, dungarees, backpacks, etc.*

SKELLIT half MOLLE - wearable mount for zip front vests and life vests*

SKELLIT Bike - handlebar and tube frame mount

* Both the full and the half MOLLE wearable mounts can be turned over at their hinges to serve as a firm desktop stand.

11029202873?profile=RESIZE_710xSwitching between any of the above docking frames is just a snap, because the flexible CF element is tough enough to hold the tablet in its place, even against high impact forces. Still, despite the fact that there are no moving components here, you only need to snap with your thumb and index finger to remove the tablet from any of them.

11029199895?profile=RESIZE_710xPeripherals, accessories:
SKELLIT MHH - rugged gamepad with OPC (deadman's switch)
SKELLIT MHH Light - rugged convertible mini gamepad for one/two-handed operation
SKELLIT PB - rugged power bank, 30-60Wh capacity
any type of external transparent IP RF and MESH module for comms
various IP67 grade body cables, external chargers, wired LAN cable, standard USB cable, etc.



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