Sky Sapience Delivers pre-Production Hovermast to IDF


Hovermast answers the requirement for rapid and timely intelligence gathering at the tactical echelon. The system employs a sophisticated, electrically powered platform using a main lift fan and four stabilizing rotors, maintaining the platform in flight, hovering and maintaining stable line of sight with a target of interest even when subjected to strong winds or wind gusts. The system carries sophisticated multi-sensor payloads operating day and night under all weather conditions. Hovermast 100 carries 13 pounds (6 kg) of payloads.

Sky Sapience Hovermast

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  • John...a portable cell tower!
  • Andrew...I am thinking power of quad to weight of the power cable wouldn't scale as well moving down in size. I would love to see a backpack version.
  • I want to make one of these. You could use it as an antenna as well.

  • I don't see any reason why it couldn't be scaled down.  This model lifts a significant amount of weight, but there's no reason why someone couldn't develop a smaller version.  In fact I can't imagine any reason why they couldn't make a backpack portable version.  It might not climb as high, but for tactical purposes it'd give soldiers a pair of eyes that could see over roof tops and other obstructions, without having to expose themselves. 

  • I wonder how this would scale down. I don't imagine it would well, buy I may think it over.
  • Bye bye truck if it fails :D 

  • It appears that they're employing a larger main fan, with four smaller units which keep the platform stable. Power for these electric motors is fed up via the tether cable, so there's more room for sensors and no need for an on-board battery, or small fuel powered engine.

  • Interesting.  How do you keep it over the attachment point on the truck?

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