Skyhooks 1700 uav platform

The new small size UAS Skyhooks 1700 UAV 

It's made in strong white EPO foam just like most hobby models these days.





Wingspan: 1718mm
Body length: 1100mm
Wing Area: 45.5dm2

Empty Weight: 1050g
Material: EPO Foam design
0.2-0.3:1 Thrust to weight ratio.

Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Easy to transport.

This plane carrying 4s battery the take off weight is only 2.4KG if installing full line of FPV equipment take off weight is roughly 3KG.

When flown properly this plane can have more than one hour of flight time.

SKYhooks 1700 UAV

What you get:








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  • @ Steve K - have you flown it yet? Comments, videos?

  • Will APM work on this ?  What is max weight ?  Any suggestions for lifting max payload? I'm thinking a of using Tmotor 3515 -400kv witha  16x5 blade or a Kopterworx kw8 motor (710 kv) with a 14x7 blade or a axi 2820-14 with a 14x5 blade

  • Did anybody get a nex5, nex6, or nex7 to fit?

  • I have the kit in hand quality is excellent really nice HOWEVER if this is epo it certain ally is not the best epo I have seen, I actually had trouble believing it was epo at all....

    Nex does not fit but that's ok I plan to do some mods anyway
  • What is the flying skill level required?  Beginner or intermediate?

  • Still have some in stock?


  • I got an email saying the plane is on it's way.... thanks Robert for actually having stock and not listing it until you do.... and for such fast service.


  • How do the wings attach? They just snap in place and then you slide them forward to unlock them?

    EDIT: Zooming in on the photo it looks like they can be glued in place? No way to make them easily removable for transport? Cool plane!

  • 100KM

    Always interesting to see new platforms become available.  The wings must have quite a bit of chord to make a 1718mm span look that stubby.

  • awesome thanks for actually having stock!

    I imagine I have to do some mods

    can you tell me be weight of foam an spars and wood only? I won't be installing landing gear etc
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