Skywalker #2 Camera pod

Almost finished with Skywalker fuse #2.3689456191?profile=originalI used liberal application of velcro to attached each camera.  The ContourHD also uses a removable velcro/adhesive mount.  The good part is that now I can turn the cam power on and set to record without having to remove the camera from the canopy ("cam-opy"?).  As you can see from the photo below, I cut the hatches rounded instead of following the hatch lines moulded into the fuse by the manufacturer.  This was based upon the realizing that the  sharp corners on the previous hatch weakened the structure.  After the first crash I had to glue/reinforce the structure that failed at the corners, totally shearing the foam between the canopy and the fwd/top hatch corner.  I wish I had taken pictures...3689456211?profile=originalAdded 2 video cameras and an HD camera to the pod that now comes in lieu of the foam canopy.  Below you see the fwd facing HD and video cameras.  The HD camera does NOT provide NTSC output to the video transmitter, unlike the GoPro.  Thats the primary weakness of the ContourHD (in addition to weight).  You can see here the side looking camera.  This camera, with video switching (waiting for units from and will allow me to switch from fwd looking to side looking whenever the UAS is circling in loiter, "fly to"/guided, RTL or on command.  The aluminum mount can be bent to adjust the angle as I make some test flights.  Starting position will be 90deg. 3689456138?profile=original Looks like its going to work out well... 3689456239?profile=original

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  • Mike (Stone1295),

    The Contour came with a rectangular goggle strap mount and a round, sticky backed mount. I used the round mount.  I stuck it to the wooden pod, then applied velcro straps to hold it down.  I also used the snap-lanyard to secure the camera.  I'll have to improve this later.

    If you look at the early photos of the plane in my photo album, you will see that I cut the foam canopy to fit the Contour, then strapped it in with velcro.  I love velcro, except on clothes.

  • C,

    I think you are refering to the antenna behind the motor mount??  Thats a cloverleaf antenna.  It's a circularly polarized antenna.  It is a huge improvement over the standard antenna that comes with it.  I bought it from  It was designed by a guy named Alex, known as IBCrazy on 

    As I said, the antenna is circularly polarized, as opposed to vertically polarized in the case of the stock whip antenna.  Circularly polarized antennas are not susceptable to changes in orientation mismatch.  The plane can turn about all axis with little or effect on the reception.  Alex manufactures them and tests them properly to ensure proper VSWR.  The stock whip antennas are not properly sized and tested, they pretty much just cut a wire to a given length and slide it into the plastic tube.  

    You can buy the antenna at the website above, or you can search for Alex's tutorials on how to build the antennas.  He provides parts lists, dimensions, and videos.

     My video trans is a 1.280GHz model, pushing 800W (advertised)  I've never measured it, but have never had problems getting good video out as far as about 800m.

  • Nice. I am using the Contour as well.  How/which mount did you use to anchor the camera to the pod?


    I ended up cutting some soft foam to shape to lay under the camera to sort of cradle it and then ran a couple of Velcro straps around the camera to hold it down.  I also used Contour's lanyard to attach the camera in case of a crash.



  • Never mind got it. That FPV antenna is there any logic to building it, and what (mw) is the transmiter? I have 200mw with the standard anthenna but that does not work very well.




  • Where can I see them?

  • Pics posted...
  • Awesome post some pics.

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