Skywalker 2013 UAV platform completed



Hello everyone,

I have finally completed the build of my UAV platform. I'm talking just the plane here; the autopilot issue is a very different one and I'm still experimenting on it.

I always like to give back to DIYDrones, which conveys very valuable information to me daily, so here you have it.

Here is photo gallery. If anyone needs a parts list I'll be happy to provide one.

Side View


Under-Side PaintJob


Direct USB Connection Port


GPS and Receiver Installation


Battery and Differential Pressure Sensor Placement


USB Port Hatch


The Carrying Case

Made out of PVC tubing


Inside its Belly


Thanks for watching!

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  • Thanks Georacer,

    Sorry yes I meant UBEC when I typed SBEC, but yes split outputs, I didn't see any of them connected in your photos.

    Thanks for the link re ground current loops, I'll go and read it now.



  • Hello Martin,

    No, I don't use a 3DR power block. I didn't have a real reason to use one.

    It is a linear BEC (UBEC) not a switching BEC (SBEC). It doesn't really have dual outputs. It has just split the output wires onto two plugs. Nothing too fancy.

    I have connected the one UBEC output to the APM input rail. I have connected the other UBEC output directly to the servo power rails. I have NOT connected the servo power rails to the APM output rail.

    Please take a look to this "schematic" ( to take a general idea. This is about eliminating ground current loops that can "fry" your sensitive electronics. This is a real concern.

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  • Hi Georacer,

    I know it's been a while since you first posted this up but I have a couple of questions about your wiring layout.

    Each of the SBEC's has twin power outputs do you use all four outputs, do you connect one one to the APM output rail to power the servos, and do you connect the other to the APM input rail to power it.

    I don't see an APM power module do you not use one?

    BTW that's a great looking colour scheme.



  • ahh. thanks for the info. same as mine. i use spray paint. but now i was thinking if i paint it then put a thin tape after. or put a 2nd coating with some kind a varnish. so that the paint will not easily to remove. :) im thinking of that kind of solution. but im going to try it first on my scrap epo foamies if it will work. ill let you know. thanks!

  • I used an airbrush and made the mistake of using Gunze acrylic paint for static miniature models. This packaging was way too small and too expensive for the application. I should have used generic acrylic paint for airbrush.

    It does tear very easily as well. I tried using some 3M "Scotch Brand Tape" after removing most of the glue by sticking and unsticking the strips on a piece of cloth (sweater, jeans etc). It gave much better results than plain masking tape, but still, it would take a bit of paint as I removed it.

    The paint doesn't tear off by handling, but the rubbers holding the wing down do remove bits of paint.

    I still don't know what is the right procedure to avoid paint tearing altogether.

  • Hi bro. what spray paint did you use? i use pylox all purpose spray paint. but it will tear off. :(

  • I still wonder how I managed to get it so heavy. I usually hear reports of 2-2.5 ready-to-fly weight for this plane.

    Must be the wheel set, the extra BECs and some extra glue in some places. Maybe the long battery wiring too.

    This is a bigger airframe, comparing to the previous Skywalker version, but keep in mind that this is the first Skywalker that supports a 12 inch prop dimension.

    In conclusion, a bigger and heavier plane is bound to cruise faster.

  • Moderator

    Thanks, was interested as we have the 1880 version (but 2012 with the foam tail boom), it looks like the wing in this version is unchanged, just the fuselage has been updated?

    We're at 2.4kg with camera, cruise at 12m/s, flight time 28 mins (at least) with 5400mAh 3S. Stall @ 1.8kg (without camera) was around 8m/s, cruise at 10m/s. Tip stalled always left but recovered generally within 180° spin.

  • These are the tough questions.

    The cruise speed at 55% throttle is about 15m/s (around 50-55kph).

    The 1880 wing I use has very gentle characteristics. Stall it by pitching up with low throttle and it will dip one wingtip very gently, while diving down and gaining speed. Nothing abrupt, but you need to drop your elevator, otherwise a sustained stall will get you in trouble.

    I'm not sure about the stalling speed yet. I just calibrated the Pitot probe. I guesstimate around 8-10m/s (around 28-35kph).

    I have not done an endurance test yet. By interpolation, I'll take a wild guess at 35 minutes of flight time. Time will tell. Sorry for not being able to be more specific yet.

  • Moderator

    Cruise and stall speed at 2.7kg? Any tip stalling tendencies? Flight time with the 10Ah packs?

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