Skywalker EVE 2000 2240mm Twin Motor FPV Plane


      There is another new, large twin motor FPV plane, EVE-2000. It is a great breakthrough for Skywalker to promote such huge aircraft. I will introduce these aircrafts to you now. 

     The inspiration of EVE2000 derived from thr Movie WALL-E 2000. You can make comparision this aircraft with carton character.It owns unique design from appearance design to inner layout, letting you experience real FPV flying.






   Let's share a video of Skywalker EVE-2000 Which taken by one hobbists bought this aircaft.Welcome to your review!!!

   Unboxing of Skywalker EVE-2000

   Skywalker EVE-2000

     Let us see more details of Skywalker EVE-2000.If you have any question, you can contact with me at 


  •  Module design, easy to carry, stable flying, large space, specially parachute cabin, camera slot, flight controller,  professional equipment platform.
  •  Adopt EPO materials, high strength body and wings ,long time flying.    
  •  Fast disassembly components and adjustable tail distance structure.
  •  Bearing large weight load, keep stability.
  •  Seperated layment design, transparant and clear view.


  • Wingspan:2240mm
  • Fuselage length:1270mm
  • Wing area:49dm2
  • Maxium wind resistance: Grade 4
  • Take-off:Hand cast, catapult shot
  • Landing:Parachute landing

Standard configuration

  • Motor:2816KV650*2
  • ESC:40A*2pcs
  • Servo:12g*4pcs
  • UBEC:6-8A
  • Propeller:(9*6/10*6 )*2pcs
  • Battery:5S-6S 10000-16000mah
  • Radio:4CH 4SERVO




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  • @Deon van der Merwe I have watched your video of Skywalker EVE-2000 Maiden flight. Thank you for purchasing our aircrafts. 

  • I've assembled and flown the plug and play version. Here is a video with my first impressions:
  • @Huges,as I said before,you can compare Skywalker X6 with XUA Talon. I think that the best way of testing Skywalker EVE-2000 is try it to fly. I have write down one discussion here about Skywalker EVE-2000. Some hobbiests have bought this aircraft and do some test. You can see these video about taking off, landing and rasing above the mist.

  • MR60

    I agree you need a bungee launcher for the XUAV Talon.

    Interesting feedback Jason about the weight you got off the ground at 6Kg, that is impressive. I find the twin dream a very atttractive Platform. How would you rate it against this one (the Eve) ?

    @Ellen, Talon XUAV is not a competition airplane at all and it fits in the same category as the Eve, that is a hevay carrier and/or used for long flights (more than 2 hours long on a XUAV Talon is often realized by FPV pilots)

  • 3D Robotics

    I agree with Jason. I had two Talons and found both impossible to hand launch. Crashed them both. Bungee absolutely required.

  • @Hugues, The Talon is incredibly difficult to launch. I hand launched a My Twin Dream at 9000 ft above sea level at over 6kg without any issue. The Talon at the same altitude and at around 3 kg was impossible for hand launching. I would not compare the Talon with a twin tractor, the Talon was the worst hand launch plane I have ever built and tried to use for take offs. A bungee is required at high elevations with the Talon.

  • It is different catory aircraft, that is not aimed at competition. There is no comparision with XUAV.You can consider Skywalker X6, which you can make comparision.The WALL-E and EVE-2000 are our new aircrafts, which satistified hobbiests's demand to fly for long time and steady with strong power.It is professional aircraft.

  • MR60

    The plane is a nice design attempt for a plane specified to weigh 4.5Kg with payload, but it is too bad they did not use the best characteristics of the competition like the XUAV Talon (which is three times less expensive at 69 US dollars) :

    -Wing area is a bit short 49dm2 versus 60dm2 for the XUAV Talon. Seeing how hard it is to take off at 4.5Kg with 60dm2, it is gonna be even more so with less wing area. 

    -The internal bay, although large has a wood floor : does not allow to customize camera or sensor holes on the bottom (XUAV Talon has a large flat thick floor that is designed to be custom cut according to the application

    -There are no designed area to setup your flight controller, close to CG and flat (XUAV Talon has a reinforced central wood box for that). Further the wing carbon spars go through the bay area right at the place where the flight controller should ideally be

    -The carbon fiber boom linking the tail to the body : this is a terrible weak point and will break for sure in a crash (experienced it two times in similar designs).

    -The small slotted hole in the carbon boom, designed for the boom not to rotate, is weak (too small and carbon fiber is brittle)

    -The longitudinal distribution of the cargo bay. It occupies the front of the plane, not the whole length of the plane (as is the case in a XUAV Talon) =>it will be less flexible to balance the CG once loaded with batteries, cameras, etc.

    -The belly of this plane is absolutely not designed to withstand a belly landing (as opposed to the XUAV Talon that has a "bump" designed in front to do that and protect any camera holes on the belly)

    -Two engines : could be positive as redundancy, but is also more complexity, more failure points, more costs (two ESCs, two motors, etc) and is not needed when one single (3520/700Kv for ex ) motor would be largely sufficient to fly this weight category of plane.

    If Skywalker would look at these XUAV Talon superior characteristics to integrate them in a revision 2, this plane would be perfect.

  • Yes, we have website:  You can enter into this website, all aircrafts of Skywalker are there. If you wanna to buy, you can contact with me by or Both of them are ok. 

    天行者科技官网 | SKYWALKER
  • Interesting, HobbyKing started selling these a couple of weeks ago (

    Do you have a website?

    Skywalker EVE-2000 FPV Platform 2240mm Wingspan (PNP)
    Skywalker EVE-2000 FPV Platform 2240mm Wingspan (PNP)
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