Skywalker UAV Bag / Backpack.


Is your Skywalker FPV/UAV box looking worse for wear, and all beaten up? Then upgrade to our premium tailor-made "UAV Bag" made for the Skywalker 168 to 1900 series aircraft. (Patent Pending)

We have been working on UAV bag for the last 6 months and lot of field trials and revision. We initially sell the bags together with our Skywalker UAV Mappers. But we would be starting to sell it on it's own.

External Dimensions: L x W x H - 49" x 11" x 18"
Weight (Dry): 6.9 kg
Materials: 1000D Nylon Cloth (Outside), 420D Nylon Cloth (Inside), YKK #10 Heavy Duty Zippers, YKK Hook and Loops.
Features: Rigid heavy padding and stackable. Acceptable in commercial airlines. Backpack straps. Individual wing pockets/bags. Hook and loop airframe "strap downs". Capable of carrying 35-40 kg internal load.


A range of colors available. 2 week lead time. For the meantime it's shipping in the Philippines and ASEAN countries. We'll have to figure out shipping options for Continental US.

Proudly Philippine made.

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  • Hi, any progress with the international shipping?

  • Excellent :)

  • @Everyone - Really didn't expect the good reception from the community for the bag. Unfortunately after checking with EMS and other shipping companies. The cost of shipping the bag will be $ 220.00 to Continental US. This is due to the bag being not "flat packable" this is due the reinforced packing of the bag.

    I'll come out with a version that can be flat packed like a gym bag and the reinforcements be put in a sleeve to make it rigid.

    Stay tuned!

    The current UAV bag design can be purchased in the Philippines and is made to order. Or to those who'd like to part with $200+ in shipping costs of the bag for international customers.

  • @Foxzilla - The bag was made with the very mobile operator (me), in mind. Currently working on a more cheaper and lighter version that could be packed flat for cheaper shipping. As the current iteration can't do that. And a few sacrifices has to be made so that I can market it Internationally.

  • Maybe sell it to local retailers in different continents? They could then sell them to local customers with lower shipping charges. Supposing that there is enough demand.

    Considering how hard it is to find a good bag for a plane right now, I think there might be.

  • 3701958297?profile=originalJust came back from a trip. Here's how it looks like fresh off the baggage carousel.

  • @Foxzilla - The bag is a bit rigid so if these is shipping. And have some issues getting an economical solution to getting it to the US and other countries. I'm working on it. :) I'm working on getting it flat-packed, as I can't do that with the current design.

  • First I was like YES! I have been looking for carrying case for my planes (seems like they don't exist) and then I was like NOOO when I read you only ship to Philippines/ASEAN/US :(

  • Seems there's a lot of interest for an X8, large flying wing bag. And I'll get on it right away.

    I'm pretty surprised with the interest, now it's the export from the Philippines to the buyer's country. The post office also quoted a bit high on the shipping cost. So we'll work on how to get the bags shipped safely to the buyers.

  • I would be interested for the X8, too.

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