Skywalker WALL-E 2000 and X2 FPV KIT on Sale

    In order to respond to hobbists's requirement, Skywalker starts to launch KIT version, that is Skywalker WALL-E2000 and Skywalker X2.

    Skywalker WALL-E2000 and Skywalker X2 start to sell KIT version. There are some details under below.  


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  •  Module design, easy to carry, stable flying, large space, specially parachute cabin, camera slot, flight controller,  professional equipment platform.
  •  Adopt EPO materials, high strength body and wings ,long time flying.    
  •  Fast disassembly components and adjustable tail distance structure.
  •  Bearing large weight load, keep stability.
  •  Seperated layment design, transparant and clear view.



  • Wingspan:2030mm
  • Fuselage length:1120mm
  • Wing area:48dm2
  • Maxium wind resistance: Grade 4
  • Take-off:Hand cast, catapult shot
  • Landing:Parachute landing

Recommended configuration

  • Motor:2816KV650*2
  • ESC:40A*2pcs
  • Servo:12g*4pcs
  • UBEC:6-8A
  • Propeller:1060E/EP three blade
  • Battery:5S-6S 10000-16000mah
  • Radio:4CH 4SERVO



  • Adopted EPO material, light and sturdy.
  • Large capacity cabin, reasonable area distribution,such as layment plywood. 
  • Stable and flexible flying.
  • Module design, disassemble and assemble easily and conveniently.
  • Install simple and fast, small resistance, long range, precise operation.


  • Wingspan:950mm
  • Fuselage length:650mm
  • Wing area:39.4dm2
  • Flying weight:920-1200g

Recommended Cofiguration

  • Motor:2216KV1400
  • ESC:30A
  • Servo:12g*2pcs
  • Propeller:7*6/8*6F
  • Battery:3-4S 3000-3300mah
  • Radio:3CH

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