Skywalker X8 hand injury

3689529051?profile=originalEverytime i launch my X8 it's never any problems. That was until i mounted a bigger propeller. I went from 13x6 to 14x9.5 and my plane "suddenly" went out of my hand much faster than before! The result is a painful hand and a lot of thinking :) Maybe some of you guys should think twice before you hand launch your new X8 or similar...

Now i'm considering several options:

1. Build a catapult

2. Hand launch engine off and throttle up after the wing has left my hand

3. Build a device where i can take off in a 30 deg. angle just by using the propeller power itself?

4. Any other ideas??

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  • I found that the lighter X-8s can be easily hand launched with the motor off and then power up.  I had enough power to climb at a steep angle after power up  with a minimal throw for launch.

    Unfortunately, my X-8 succumbed to its poor design at the hands of another pilot (went to fast and it fluttered the winglets off even with reinforced wings.) so I won't be able to do any more launch testing with it. :(

  • I had a very similar result ONCE. Now I use a shortened version of my high-start bungee to get it airborn, then kick in the motor once the launch link/ring has dropped. It was a 13.6x5 that got me three times. Never again.

  • Wings are not strong enough for the underhanded flying wing discus toss?

  • Developer

    If you have ever played airsoft you quickly learn that the "fatty" parts bleed less then skinny ones like hands. The fat helps distribute the impact force over an larger area, making the cut shallower. The skinny parts also have the blood vessels closer to the surface.

  • 100KM

    Or by the time it got to your arm you ran out of blood ;)

  • @Morli: No it was just one set of scars. I guess it was my fat arm that prevented it from bleeding :-D

  • Admin


    Are these two sets of scars? How come fingers are bleeding but the  hand cuts don't ?!! Don't tell us that your  hand brushed with prop twice!!!   Sorry to see it.

  • Admin

    "Chicks dig scars", 

    Yaa Tell that to the guys who lost that limbs/fingers or had to visit the doctor for  couple of stitchs :))

    I have a my share of scar when  right thumb went to talk to the prop on OS 90 4S :(

    Yes,  tiger would make better sense( 32mm scar spacing suits the idea well) and I think chicks will dig for it :0)

  • I will post pictures of the scars later :-)

  • Of course i will says it was a DRONE :) Or a tiger in the zoo in Thailand  :D

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