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  • Hi Lazy, she's a beaut. She'll make a large enough radar blip to scramble a few jets. Very nice, indeed.

  • Awesome build.  Did you design this on paper or did you use a CAD program for balsa air-frames?

  • Nice! Some little kids wonder if they would be able to ride on my four feet wingspan aircraft, Now the Mom's will wonder if they can ride!

  • Very nice! Do you live at an airport?

  • Moderator

    MVVS 58 cc. TOW ( planned ) ~ 32 kg.

  • Admin

    Looks  like you will fit into it, no UAV stuff , u can fly in it :))).  Good job. What engine r u planning?

    5-7 k.g payload but total wet weight would probably around >10-12 k.g

  • Moderator

    No, no :))) ~5-7 kg.

  • How many kg payload capacity? 30?
  • Very tidy work!
  • Moderator

    Beautiful!  You are an artist!

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