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Looking to build a fixed wing long range, long duration FPV drone. I would like to build a solid air frame with reliable avionics so I can have a platform for mounting cool optics

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Brandon commented on Marco Glattfelder's photo
"Can you give us some rough dimensions?  Like wingspan, chord, tailboom (length & distance between booms) fuselage(length & cross section)  Thanks!

Also, have you made any more progress?  I would love to see some pictures of the finished product."
Apr 12, 2014
Brandon commented on Ralph Wu's blog post APM Planner 2.0 for Linux
"Can we look forward to Raspberry Pi support????  That would make a very portable GCS"
Dec 2, 2013
Brandon posted a discussion
I bought a Twinstar II and set it up with brushless motors.  I have a Fly 5 Flight stick and I am controlling it using mission planner / apm 2.5.  My first flight gently landed in a small tree.  I got lucky on the next flight and was able to save…
Nov 26, 2013
Brandon commented on MHefny's blog post Python Scripting in Mission Planner
"Great stuff!  I've been looking for this!"
Nov 12, 2013
Brandon commented on Chris Anderson's blog post PETA selling AR.Drones with a decal as an "Air Angel"
"Haha gong, oops!"
Oct 23, 2013
Brandon commented on Chris Anderson's blog post PETA selling AR.Drones with a decal as an "Air Angel"
"Sooo... you're gong to fly a drone and harass someone holding a shotgun?  I foresee some interesting footage."
Oct 23, 2013
Brandon posted a discussion
I want to write a script that will read a joystick's hat switch and generate a pwm signal on the aux ports of the apm 2.5.  My question is how can I interface with a joystick using the python scripting feature?  Is the pygame library…
Oct 15, 2013
Brandon replied to Hunter Parris's discussion Software Help for Rangefinder-based Geolocation Algorithms and OSD Displays
"What are you using for a range finder?"
Oct 12, 2013
Brandon commented on Nils Högberg's blog post Restoring missing bootloader on the ppm encoder (Atmel 32u2 chip) using an Arduino
"Nice! I've been looking for this."
Sep 8, 2013
Brandon posted a discussion
In both the interest of saving money and learning how the ATmega32u2 is used as a makeshift FTDI chip/PPM encoder, I plan to make my own APM 2.5+ using the open source Eagle files.  The only hurdle I foresee is burning bootloaders on to the…
Aug 6, 2013
Brandon commented on Ray Hamlett's photo
"Tell us more about your satellite guidance system."
Jul 8, 2013
Brandon commented on Vladimir "Lazy" Khudyakov's blog post Slowly, but still going on...
"Awesome build.  Did you design this on paper or did you use a CAD program for balsa air-frames?"
Jun 10, 2013