Smallest Quadrocopter with GoPro

Hi Guys,

The title is a little bit ambitious but i guess no one tried to lift a GoPro with a 140gr Micro Quadrocopter before :D

The throttle was %80 when flying with half drained 2S LiPO battery, this is why it is a little bit aggressive.

This is my micro quadro setup

3689448968?profile=originalController:Opensource OpenLRS Multi receiver with Gyro and Acc with onboard radio receiver
Firmware: MultiWii v1.9 (modified for OpenLRS onboard receiver)
Frame: MQ-200 microquad frame
Props: HK 5x3 (black/red) props.
ESCs: FL6A Fast PWM 6A ESC (Hobby King 6A with firware update)
Motors: HK 10gr




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  • nice enough to just get up there take a few shots and come back down. sure beats my smallest fixwing  setup that can lift a go-pro

  • This is really interesting. If you can lift a gopro, you can lift two Panasonic ncr18650b's which could give quite a bit of flying time. This would be a lot of fun indoors.

    Another thought, have you tried 3 bladed props to see if you can lift more weight?

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  • Today i was on the field. My quad flew under 15km/h wind without any problem. Setup was same with previous indoor version.
    Next mission: less than 100gr Quad with GoPro :) 

  • Yes it is the golden question :)
     Unfortunately i didnt fly with full battery to empty yet.

    Without GoPro: It flew with 800mA 2S but battery already was 7.4v after 10 minutes . Maybe this weekend i can test the flight time, before i want to remove all extra weights.

    With GoPro; It is just for fun but i guess it cant fly more than 3-4 minutes. I will share the results.

  • Moderator

    Golden question for me, what is the flying time :-) with & without go pro.

  • I forgot to sharing my first flight video :)


  • @Flying Monkey: It is UHF(433) antenna but it is working with piece of wire without antenna in few hundred meters

    @Juan: These propellers coming with 1.5mm reference hole. I used 2mm drill for changing the diameter first. Then i used very very very(very) small CA drop for fixing it on the shaft. 

  • Hi Melih,

    I have one question, how do you attach the propeller to the shaft of the motor? "as far as I can see in the photo, you didn't use the propeller saver" 


  • I wasn't suggesting that the AUW was lighter... but that his carbon frame might be lighter than a flat piece of wood. Your arms look shorter too so his frame might of shed some weight there.  I do like his idea of using magnet wire for the motors.  What frequency is your antenna? Is it something that could be remade as a dipole? My homemade antennas are definately lighter that the stock ones I usually get.  Integrated LRS receiver and gyro/accelerometer control board? Wow, I gotta check this out...

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