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Smartwatch support for Andropilot!

3689549618?profile=originalI think this is a first: drone monitoring via smartwatch! Kevin Hester, the Andropilot, is adding support for the cool Pebble smartwatch. It's a sunlight-readable watch that works with your smartphone. I've got one and love it. 

Right now it just displays GCS data and status, but some limited control from the watch may be possible, too. So cool!

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  • First there was the Garmin Quatix watch which allowed you to control the autopilot on your boat... now a watch to allow you to control a drone! Fantastic work :)

  • Developer

    Hi ya'll, I just promoted the beta build which had this feature to general availability (1.7.13).  Please give it a shot.  This is just a little proof of concept, so a bit of a hack - the data appears inside the 'Music' tab on the watch.  If there is enough interest I or someone else will make a full native pebble app.

    If anyone with a Pebble would like to own/extend this little Pebble app just send me a note and we can make it happen.  i.e. make the buttons work for vehicle mode changes/change what vehicle data is displayed on the watch.

  • This is awesome!!!  I have been looking for a cool use for my Pebble.

  • 3D Robotics

    Very cool! can't wait to try it.

  • T3

    Oh my goodness. Another reason I'm glad I have this watch!

  • that's cool!

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