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Almost 1,500 Solo kiosks are rolling out to Best Buys across the US, for launch next week. Each one has a interactive display that allows you to fly Solo using the controller with a custom flight simulator that exactly replicates the Solo iOS and Android app experience.  That simulator will also be coming soon to Solo owners on their own iOS and Android devices, as part of the full Solo experience. It's amazingly cool to see how it works with the Solo controller over Wifi. 





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  • This looks great. Technically speaking, that display looks very sexy. Congrats!

  • They seem pretty bogged down with returns now, can't imagine it will be any better after launching their "smart" drone. I've been down about 45 days now after first receiving a defective Pixhawk to replace mine that died, now waiting on a full replacement iris+. New buyers should be ready for the RMA time warp. At least I got a month of flying first...

  • And here I am with a Best Buy card that needs a purchase on it to keep it active, and 18 months same as cash on purchases over $500.

  • For safety purposes wouldn't it have been better to put a shield or some form of protection around those large blades or offer to build one to attach ?
  • Awesomeness!!!!

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    @RC Tech.se,

    What +4 week delivery times for bread and butter stuff from the 3DR Store?

    I placed an order for two PPM encoders on Monday June 1st and had them in my hands by the following Tuesday June 9th. I had them shipped by two day air.



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    Somewhat unrelated, I tested the video latency today of SoloLink and found it was a pretty impressive 130ms.  That was the total "lens to screen" delay and I was outputting the video not to a tablet but instead by using the mini HDMI output on the back of the Solo Controller.

    3702026450?profile=originalThe way I measure the latency was to pull up an online stopwatch on my home PC on one monitor.  Then I plugged the Solo controller's hdmi output into the right monitor.  Then point the Solo's camera at the left screen and then with another camera take a picture of both screens.  The difference in the times is the latency.

  • Good luck with attacking the broad consumer market. Hope 3DR's QC and the slick new firmware is up to the challenge. They are an impatient bunch, consumers, as opposed to DIYers.
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    In the kiosk could be nice power on the simulator ... so the future customer can play with Solo before to buy .. :) 

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    Gosh from little acorns. Does the sim run autonomous flights so folks could visualize missions before flying them?

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