Some of my videos showing my MAV system...

Shrediquette MM6 FPV in Cameroon


Shrediquette DLX autonomous indoor flight (no budget and not so aggressive autonomous tricopter maneuvers...):

GPS position hold:



Small tricopter: (Shrediquette DLXm):

3689399909?profile=originalVery small Y6 hexacopter (Shrediquette BOLT):



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  • hello sir,

                im quite impressed by your models.sir i have some doubt,sir by using this type of micro models can we get more flighttime like around 20min which can travel 2km distance?

    presently im preparing for a competition

    i need some suggestions from u !

    please help me W. Thielicke

  • Oh man, this is really awesome.
  • Nicer things? Hmmm can't wait :-)))
  • Developer
    Cameroon videos are so cool!
  • It gets even nicer than Cameroon videos??? Amazing footage and really cool drone.
  • awesome. :) beautiful pictures.
  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. This was my first post here, and actually, I wasn't aware that this post is public. I just wanted to add some content to my personal DIYdrones page... So next time I'll post some nicer things.
  • Moderator
    Great Job , Great Video , Great Drone , Great Ing. :)
  • Moderator
    An artist and an engineer! Shrediquette HQ never fails to impress.
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