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  • Probably beacuse they were um... unqualified. There are numerous working Flyer replicas all over the world.
  • Wasn't there a TV program on PBS that showed modern day aviators that weren't able to duplicate the Wright Brothers' feat? Why is that?
  • 3D Robotics
  • Fortunately, San Francisco always has good winds for kiting or sailing.
  • One shot at a time. Amazing!
  • Another famous example from 104 years ago was the work of George Lawrence photographing the aftermath of the San Francisco 1906 earthquake. His amazing photos brought much aid from Washington.
    Kite Photography in 1906
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    I use a Cody as well, having built a couple but now I have an off the shelf one! Thats how I came across the clip I was looking at Codys
  • They are flying a train of three Cody (aka Buffalo Bill) kites that Cody also used for man lifting purposes.

    I have recently relocated my version of the Cody kite (it was very stable and with good lifting capability at a good steep line angle) made from ripstop nylon to fly with my grand daughter this next weekend!!

  • Quite a lot of coordinated effort. Must've tested one's patience.
    Nice bit of historical film.Thanks for posting it.
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