Sonar mount on Pan/Tilt mechanism?



On my 3rd major rebuild of my custom-framed AC2 after losing her to strong wind (stupidity really) and I'm again relishing the opportunity to change further aspects of the design. I'm REALLY hanging to see the OSD integration the boys are working on (come one Jani, hook me up!!!!!). The thought occured that if I wanted to fly really close to the ground in Alt-hold mode, might the sonar be more accurate if it were mounted on a servo plugged into the Tilt output on the APM? That way if she's really moving, and at an extreme pitch, it'll still be pointing directly at the ground. Or have you clever clogs somehow written an algorithim to compensate the Sonar reading based on the angle of attack?

Damn I love this project, best fun I've had in ages!

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  • That's awesome, thanks Jason!

  • Developer

    This was my idea to win the spark fun minumum altitude requirement. Ends up that the EZ0 that I bought doesn't need to be aimed. It works almost omnidirectionaly. 

  • It's implemented but I don't know if it's enabled by default.

  • I'm pretty sure you can do this with the AP_Mount code in the APM_Camera branch.


    Most probably without changing a single line of code.


  • Thanks Sebastian!

  • yep, i think tilt is compensated in code

    don't mount the sonar tilt compensated ;)

  • Nice, I'll look it up.

  • Hi Gord, Droidworx sell them, polycarbonate, bl**dy tough and lightweight. A lil pricy, but worth it frankly, when you've a fortune of gadgets onboard. Couple this with your GoPro and you've almost an indestructable Quad!

    They also do a version with ventilation holes in them. Comes with mounting hardware etc. I painted my last one black, looked fantastic!


  • hi Owen, where did you get that cool looking dome? 

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