Spaceplane Project Trials

Chris Courtois has been working the trials on the Condore spaceplane project with Team Prometheus for several years now. After all his wonderful work we are gaining experience needed to proceed ahead.

  In conjunction Jetmanhuss at VskyLabs has been developing the model for X-Plane allowing us to try different configurations and develop the model faster.

 Stewart and I have been working on mission control and tracking as well as the cold gas system to give the spaceplane stability in the stratosphere and beyond.

 Construction of the X12A a slightly larger all aluminum version of the X11F is about to begin.

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  • Thanks I think Chris did a good job. The spaceplane it's self is just one facet of the project. The ground control and tracking is even more difficult (at 250 miles slant). The FAA is also a factor in the amount of work required for this project over the years.

    I'm far to busy to do videos unfortunately and never was great at documentation but as we get closer to the final phase of the project that should pick up.

  • T3

    Very cool project.  Excellent video!  Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank You Tridge! And thanks to you and the dev team and 3D Robotics for making our dreams slowly become a reality.

    This would not be possible without all the progress made by you and many others working on Ardupilot and PixHawk as well as MavProxy and Mission Planner. Including our mission control and tracking systems.

    Our completion of the project relies heavily on you guy's and all the wonderful work you do.

    Jetmanhuss at VskyLabs and Flightradar24 as well as the Piksi and the Hack RF and many other projects contributions are making this a reality.

  • Developer

    fantastic project, thanks for putting the video together, and good luck with the Griffin!

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