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  • 3D Robotics

    Official Sparkfun results are here. Congrats again to Pat (aka Overhead) and team ArduPlane for the victory!

  • Developer

    I crashed my plane doing a manual land on run 1 and stripped an aileron servo. Then I tried to fly it between run 1 and two to test it after the repairs. Big mistake for not catching the broken servo. The plane never had a chance and keeled over during launch wrecking the motor and nose. :( I could've been a contender!


  • Admin

    I could have sworn that I saw Goose and Mav in the crowd!!! LOL



  • Big difference between the number of ardupilots & the number finishing.

  • Nice vid!! In case anyone wants to view my near death experience :) at the hands of Team 0x27's robot a friend caught some hilarious action shots :D Lots of other great pics of various 'bots she took --> 2012 Sparkfun AVC photos

  • I'm going to add this video to my 80's music list on YouTube, so that I can listen to it whenever I want. ;-)

  • Developer

    Very nice work Samantha, thank you!

  • Was there only like 10 or so planes that competed?  Was the wind a big factor?

  • Wow, quick post! I was the pilot of Flying Jalapeno (White Delta smashing into curb at high velocity). Thanks for posting, it was a great time!

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