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  • Well, I've got my rover which got second in the Doping class at AVC this year.  I'm going to try my luck at this T3 round soon.    I went slow at AVC this year and waited for my competitor to fail... and he did, but my bot failed as well. :(

    I'd like to have more competitions to compete it.  Bring it on! :)


  • IMHO, they need to eliminate speed from the competition.  It's not very interesting in the same way that wedge designs in Battlebots are/were.  Precise navigation should the the goal for future competitions.  Plus, a par time for completing the course with points awarded for getting as close to the par time as possible.  That would make the even much more challenging and useful.

  • damn

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    It has not been lost on me that the current T3 round if we do get rover and boat entries as well will be almost like the Sparkfun competition. Might be interesting to have knock out rounds before our own in the real world competition. Somewhere that the flying would be allowed.

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