Spectrum DX9 2 Switches 1 TX channel 6 Flight Modes

3689632459?profile=originalSpectrum DX9 2 Switches 1 TX channel 6 Flight Modes

Well I was doing some looking around and could not find any posts on setting up a Spectrum DX9 to get 1TX channel 6 flight Modes.

So this is what I came up with.

I started by setting a 2 position switch as Aux1. (Switch A)

Then made 3 mixes to Aux1 > Aux1 and switch D (one mix for each switch position of switch D)

So Switch A and Switch D are used.

Here is the setup of P-Mix 1:

3689632602?profile=originalSo with this mix when switch D is in the 0 spot no added mix.

So this will be for Modes 1 and 6.

3689632563?profile=originalMix 2 when switch D is in position 1. This is for modes 2 and 5.

3689632655?profile=originalMix 3 when switch D is in position 2 this is for modes 3 and 4.

So switching works as follows.

Switch A in position 0 and D is switched for 0, 1, and 2.
This gives you Modes 1, 2, and 3.

Switch A is then moved to position 1 which then changes right to Mode 4, and switch D is moved 2, 1 and 0.
This gives you modes 4, 5, and 6.

Then move switch A back to position 0 and you are back to Mode 1.

The Rate % is what the difference is being added to the other switch. So the first rate is for the switch A in position 0 and the second is for switch A in position 1.

Set your rate % to (ideally) produce PWM pulse widths of 1165, 1295, 1425, 1555, 1685, and 1815 milliseconds.

You can see this live in Mission Planner as you change the % rate.

I have found that different RX types the % rate needs to change.

Have tested with Spectrum DSMX, Lemon DSMX PPM, Lemon DSMX regular and the % rate is different for each.

So when setting up be sure you have the correct values for each switch position.

Hope this might help someone else.

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  • That it does, unfortunately my brain can only cope with six modes.Its an old edition.;~)

  • The DX-9 has a Flight Mode setup menu that lets you combine two switches to support up to 9 Flight Modes.
  • It TX may be used w  http://www.open-tx.org/ ?

    Welcome to OpenTX
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