Static thrust optimized EDFs


UAS Vision published an article on these EDFs optimized for static thrust.  Something I am constanly googling around for but never seem to find...

"The pan-European Neva Aerospace consortium, which is developing heavy-duty drones, industrial and commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and vehicles (UAV) based on its patented distributed thrust concept, has released the first OEM electric turbofan (ETF) to the aerospace market. These ETFs are claimed to be between two and four times as efficient as existing, standard electric ducted fans (EDFs).

The Neva Athena ETFs are a world first and are the only ducted fans optimised for static thrust and VTOL/STOL.  A unique turbofan housing design further boosts the thrust without any compromise on weight saving.

The breakthrough technology of the Athena Series turbines will displace uncaged rotor blades in current commercial drone applications and will create exciting new possibilities for the development of the next generation of unmanned aerial systems.

Athena ETFs will be able to lift drones of more than 25kg with 10 turbofans across a surface of less than 1.5m diameter,  according to Neva engineers.

The Neva technology is scalable nearly infinitely and limited only by the energy density of batteries, the capabilities of controllers and, as these technologies advance, the imagination and audacity of drone designers. Other models in the Athena Series are under final development and testing."

Full article:

Neva website:

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  • Here's the Lotus Lada...


  • @Vladimir - That's not a Lada.  THIS is a lada :)


  • This EDF is not really usable, but the animations are good

  • Moderator

    You can put on better tires and tune up the motor on a Lada as much as you want

    Really? :)


    WTCC 2016 - 3th position overall :)))

  • Developer

    You can put on better tires and tune up the motor on a Lada as much as you want, but it will never become a real sports car. Same deal with static trust and EDF (ducted small blades and high rpm).

    If your goal is to use twice the power just to get a slightly smaller footprint and some questionable motor redundancy by having many more motors. By all means go ahead.

  • Moderator

    Nothing more than aggresive advertising...

  • You really have to laugh when you watch their videos. I'm wondering why not use hundreds, or better thousands of ETF motors. That would really be A distributed thrust.

  • I believe that EDFs one day will replace props, but not wit such a badly designed system as this ETF is. In their own tech. documentation Nevea Aerospace claim a thrust between 4,5 and 5,25 gr/W.  A "usual" BLDC motor+ propeller can achieve much, much more, at least twice as much. Just as an example: Performance Test Data Sheet…
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