Hey again all, been a while since I last posted here, been busy with development of our all new medium lift copter, MAVRIK, just wanted to post some details for those who are interested, and as always, any feedback welcome.

We've spent a huge amount of time and testing in developing the MAVRIK and very excited to get it out there, it does not replace the popular SteadiDrone QU4D but is it's new bigger, more grown up brother.

It's mainly aimed at professional aerial companies/pilots who need a reliable, all round medium lift workhorse they can fold up, through in the car, on the plane etc and use everyday for jobs and shoots, it's very compact, light and has some pretty cool features (check out the website) It will carry a wide range of small to medium sized cameras, like the NEX7 which we've been flying mostly, as well as smaller dSLRs and more. It features an all new very unique rail supported front mounted gimbal design which is fully adjustable and runs along the underside of the drone where the battery bay add's stability to the gimbal (full adjustable vibration damping system as well), which has the ability to point straight up past 90 degrees without anything part of the drone or props getting in the shot, it obviously also points straight down, making it ideal for inspecting under things like tall bridges etc. 

You can check other specs, images and info here - http://www.steadidrone.com/drones/steadidrone-mavrik

Pre-ordered for the MAVRIK open on Monday and shipping will start mid/end September, full RTF with absolutely everything required and will come standard with the 3DR Pixhawk (Top dome cover has integrated USB and LED)





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  • Thanks for the feedback Jethro :) I must say as a flyer out and about a lot I've flown the 4-in-1 ESC to the limit and i've NEVER, not once had a single issue, we've tried to destroy them, i've had them in/under water and they still keep going.

  • Good point, we've done very thorough testing with the unit during development as well as flying it everyday in real world situations for the past two months, the ESC was a big part of testing where we did both flight and bench tests to ensure the ESC will cope and it sure can, even when trying to simulate ESC burnout we just couldn't get it to pop. Fully loaded with NEX7 and 14" props 100% throttle gets us 60A total, 15A max per ESC, half of the max rating for the ESC, so loads of headroom and plenty if power.

    Thanks for the response... that has increased my respect for these 4-in-1 ESCs, a great design choice indeed. The MAVRIK looks to be a very capable machine and the footage really speaks for itself. Well done guys, I am glad to see success like this!

  • feedback welcome guys!

  • Hugo, no problem, simply saying there a lot more that goes into manufacturing these that often get's overlooked :) John, will have images and info on X8 soon.

  • Thanks, Duran, I'll take a look at the airframes.

    That's the problem with companies like yours, always coming out with great products and costing me money;-).

    Have you flown this in the X8 config? What flight time did you get and what battery? Would love to see pics/video of the QU4D/MAVRIK in X8.
  • Not in any way dissing your product. It sure is a beauty and it looks very polished.

    Mine doesn't have  a gimbal or carry case (it is foldable), even though the cost does include RTF, data/transmitter telemetry + IMAX B6 charger and 2 x 5Ah lipos. And of course, I didn't count for the labour and the many other costs you must have when you do it as a business.

    Sorry if it came across as a "I can do better" because I sure can't and won't ;) I was just amazed at how an average-joe like me can build something quite capable with no that much money and prior knowledge.

  • no gimbal/camera? folds ? Carry case ? Full RTF with radio, FC, charger, data telemetry, tarinis telemetry ? Very easy to make something like that once of for cheap, i can build a very low cost drone that will fly for an hour. Not so easy doing it on scale, with all the extras and fully RTF with gimbal

  • Very much like my 4S quad in terms of specs and payload, mine costed less than 1K though, and I get 22min flight time on 5000Mah:


  • Hey John, the MAVRIK is not a replacement of the QU4D but a all new design bigger model, so every single part has is new (apart from the molded inner/outer/motor mounts) The best would be to get the air frame kit when it's available (soon) you can then transplant everything over (airframe includes new gimbal as well) hope this helps.

  • Looks like the same company has a patent on the Y6 design so they are going to have to go after, well, everybody:-)

    Duran, as a QU4D owner could I buy the frame plates, top shell and lower frame/gimbal mount to upgrade my QU4D? I love the new design but already invested in the QU4D.
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