Stereoscopic FPV flying

This is a video I found of 3D video recording, but it got me thinking about 3D FPV flying. Especially with Team Blacksheep kind-of flying, close to the ground or obstacles like trees, surely stereo viewing must add a lot and help determine distances. Is anyone doing this and is it worthwhile? Haven't got my Fat Sharks that long yet, but start thinking how it must be nice to fly with stereoscopic glasses and dual cam of course.


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  • There are only a few 3d fpv solutions. I make one of them.
    Real 3D FPV - Home
    Stereoscopic Remote Viewing Head Mounted Display/ 3D FPV
  • WANT!

  •   I think Panasonic 3D1 is better than  Fuji ,  mine survived some hard crashes, I don't use gimbal on my mini-quad and still get no jello -O.I.S works !

    here is example of 2d and 3d 

  • I found the following link (via RC Groups) 3D FPV Cam

    It says: "The 3D-Cam FPV uses two cameras to generate field-sequential 3D video which is compatible with most commercial 3D equipment.  This video signal can be transmitted using standard NTSC video transmitters and can be recorded using a standard VCR or DVD recorder.  Using 3D capable video glasses (like theEVG920 we are offering to our customers) or LCD shutter glasses and a CRT (or 120Hz LCD) allows viewers to experience the scene in life-like 3D.  The depth perception provided by this 3D technology is a real asset when piloting aircraft remotely." 

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    Viewing: I started with my phone really close to my face and slowly moved it out until in focus. With some practice you can do it on demand.
  • I think using the Oculus rift might be the solution to this.  There must be some way to take the video from both cameras, warp both images and merge them into one frame then transmit it with a single vtx.

  • This might be a better video showing 3D Stereoscopic flying.

    So maybe he's not the best pilot, but the 3D effect is there (if you can view it)


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    More, please. :D
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