This multirotor has the ability to go full 3D flight at an amazing speed. It is going to revolutionize the multirotor world.


  • Unique Fully Aerobatic Quad
  • Higher performance 3D flight capable
  • Stable and smooth beginner flight
  • Includes TG-Multi flight control
  • Durable and simple VP design
  • Pre-painted clamshell body set



Specifications: Span: 490mm (diagonal rotor to rotor) Blades: 110mm Frameset: 85% carbon and metal design Drive System: Single Motor

  • Frameset (metal, carbon, plastic)
  • TG-Multi flight control (upgradable, used in VP Quads, Helicopters)
  • Blades (4 sets)
  • Pre-Painted Body Set

Needed to Complete:

  • 4S 2200 - 3000mAh 30C+ Battery
  • 6 Channel Transmitter & Receiver
  • (4) Servos - High Performance Digital Servos (0.8 sec/60° @ 6V minimum)
  • 45A ESC w/5A BEC
  • 3000kV / 390W Motor



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  • I hooked a 3S lipo up to it, heres my results, from simply holding it and testing.

    * Full engine, plus full collective = 37~38amps
    * Halfish engine, plus full collective = 31amps
    * Halfish engine, with collective enough to make it feel really light (possibly take off) was I think = 22 amps.
    * Rotors removed and engine at full speed only turning belts and rod = 9 amps

    There is a belt that goes from the 3000kv motor down to a much bigger cog. Possibly they could be removed in a different design, so a wider diameter yet lower KV motor could be directly used.  Possibly could use two big motors at low KV so you don't have to worry about the drive shaft passing through the middle of the quad.

    Not sure how auto-rotation would work, as they are tiny props so I don't know if they'd collect the air well enough to keep things spinning.  But I haven't gone through all his videos yet.

  • Thumbs up for something new that actually works and isn't just bozo-blather! CY is as already mentioned here literally a world-class pilot and innovator. The basic mechanical technologies used here for driving the rotors and changing their pitch are comfortable and mature, there should be few if any mechanical failure type issues. Only needing one ESC and one motor will allow for those to be really of  high quality without breaking the bank.  And there is autorotation capability, as demonstrated in the video. It will be interesting to see efficiency comparisons with "regular" quads. There are obvious points of loss, but also of gain. Altogether fascinating!  

  • I bought one of these Stingrays hoping it would be fairly easy to fly like my APM, but the flight controller that it comes with doesnt do stabilise or anything special other than set the prop pitch to the correct position depending on your input. I'm guessing it flies a LOT like a helicopter would after comparing it to the handling of how helis fly in my simulators.

    But instead of trying to run this with just the APM, possibly setup the RX to the APM to the Flight Controller.  Thus the APM only needs to handle the desired controls for keeping stable, rather than also figuring out how to set the pitch of each of the props correctly.

  • Dan, I don't remember your input on that, what was it?

    Pretty cool thing you built there,  I figured you must have made something else to drive the sonars.  You must be using a polling scheme?

  • Now you know, why I knew, what to do with sonar 3d feedback, for your other project so easily.

    This was just a test bed, for a much larger project, but again, it really worked damn well.

    Nothing to do with the graffiti project you where working on, in any way, just similar problems.


    In the end, I ran out of APM cycles, and added a second Arduino, otherwise same approach. 

  • LOL, what are you doing?!

  • BTW Rob, you like this, to bad I still can't say "why", but it works very well :)




  • TBH, if someone could tell me it would auto rotate, I would spend the $$'s, and try and port it, but it would be on the PIX, as I need to know it better, and this would be a good reason.




  • And I really doubt it can auto very well.  Tons of belt drag, and not a lot of rotating inertia.  

  • Dan, ha, could be fun to do but I don't have the time.  If somebody wants to send me one maybe I can make it a priority. ;)

    Honestly though, the platform does not interest me much.  I don't see the point other than "just because".  More mechanically complex than a Helicopter, with the small disk area of a quad.

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