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Store reorg and new products!

We've done a long-needed reorg of the store categories to make things easier to find. And one of the thing you'll now find is our new video/OSD category. Between the excellent Remzibi OSD (back in stock!) and this camera we've got one of the cheapest and best OSD combos available, and best of all it's ArduPilot compatible! Other new products include the uBlox GPS module programmed for Paparazzi, ArduPilot or straight NEMA, either with or without the adapter, and the ArduIMU board without the sensors.
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  • Jordi,
    I have seen the datasheet of the camera but frame rate is not mentioned.
    I think this can help people who are willing to buy this camera.

    If the frame rate of this camera is 30 and size of the video is 640X480 then I recomend everyone who does not have any camera, must go for it.

    I personally think any camera with frame rate less than 25 is supper useless and anyone like me who are already having it by bad luck will find difficult to get along with this.
  • Developer
    Andy Geppert,

    You saw it that fast!, i just put it (yesterday) not even a minute to correct it.. Sorryy!
  • Developer
    Scott, You have to make them or buy any 5 volts analog sensors...
  • Hobbycity, turnigy camera.. 30fps
  • Where do I find the extra sensors for the OSD?
  • rolling shutter of cmos will cause a wave in the image on the minimoum vibration of the plane.

    can we see a video recorded with this camera?
  • You changed that fast!!!
  • The description for AruIMU Board Only states: "Includes the pin headers and all the sensors needed, some assembly is required." It doesn't include the sensors though, does it?
  • Cmos cameras tend to solarize the sun (sun black). I don't like very much this effect.

  • Jordi,
    The video of any video camera having less than 25 frames per seconds appears slow.

    I have a tiny video camera, whose video size is 640X480 and weight of the camera with lipo cell inside it is only 28gm. It has 8Gb memory card and USB port through which video can be transffered to the pc or it can act like a webcam.

    With its own battery it can record around one hour video but with external battery through USB port, it can record video upto several hours (more than 5 hours).

    Even my smallest electric airplane does not notice the weight of this camera when mounted on or under the plane.

    But since the frame rate of this camera is less than 25 so its video appears bit slow.

    Any body willing to buy a video camera must consider the Frame rate of the video camera.
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