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UPS is now available as shipping method and we also have something called "negotiated rates", in other words i have to punch in the face a few UPS guys in order to get cheaper shipping prices (like SparkFun!). Before this ship something to Japan via UPS Expedited used to cost 60 bucks! and now is around $30 dlls!! (you save 50%). In hope in the future costumers will start using more UPS for large and expensive shipments, is more secure, is a lot faster, every package is insured, has live tracking number and they have funny brown trucks.Schematics and diagrams are now available for all products (i guess)....We carry new stuff and i re-organized the products, so please come and visit us!:!
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    I mean Tyke you will be banned, sorry about that Tenzin. ;-)
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    Tezin do you work for USPS or something?

    What i mean with punch the face of the UPS guys is because literally i had to flight for them... Many costumers where asking me for another shipping service beside USPS (because they don't want to use it and i can't force them to use USPS only) and also asked me why my FedEx is so expensive compared to SparkFun prices. So i tried to get FedEx negotiated rates but they never answer me (they suppose to call me back). So i try with UPS and took me long time, i had to respond several questions and sign/fax papers etc... Just to offer another service... I mean, i just did it because my costumers asked it for...

    But is not that bad for me after all, because now that i have UPS system installed i discovered that's is a lot more efficient, fast to print labels, deal with tracking numbers, weights, etc. USPS is more complicated.

    Whatever, now i offer USPS and UPS and you can OPTIONALLY use whatever you want... And of course i personally recommend UPS for better service, i never had problems with them.

    Tenzin you are welcome to make opinions and share your issues with us but, you better take care of your language or you will be BANNED from this site.
  • I will never send a shipment by UPS. I've gotten so many of my online items damaged upon arrival... it takes weeks to get serviced for their mistakes and in the end everyone is unhappy. For Canada or US shipments, PLEASE use Canada Post or USPS.
  • BTW , we don't have any home deliveries , it is your postbox irespective of service used, shipper has to put the contact number to be notified so that post office or UPS/Fedex etc will call once the item has arrived for collection here.
  • I have used Both UPS and USPS many times in last few years to middle east, never lost any package , I am not too concerned with few days delay if any , i order well in advance :) . USPS was cheaper and I prefer it as i don't want the postage to cost more than the items it self !! I do understand Jordi's view point of view as he has to deal more with these services in a day/month than all of us put together in a year. But cost of shipment maters for any thing less than 100$ or even upto 300$ for me as it will cost me almost 100$ most of the time. So Tyke , that wasn't the right way to put it after all Jordi and team aren't doing commercial operations here :(
  • Tyke,
    the less time Jordi has to spend on shipping might just translate into keeping the prices reasonable.
    I personally hope that Jordi spends as little time as possible on tasks like shipping and uses his amazing talents to perfect more great gear for all of us. You must not be aware of how much of personal time that Jordi and Chris put into this above and beyond what a "normal" retail site would or even could (they would not be in business for long).
    We are all friends here and hopefully we try and show that by taking a person at his/her word or ask questions if we don't understand but accusations?
    I have been guilty of speaking without thinking first many times before, way to many times! so I chalk your response up to that.
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    Hey little Tyke... that was WAY unneccessary!

    This is Jordi and Chris's site, and if you don't like it, then move on!
  • > But certainly is more convenient for me use UPS

    You have it fucking backwards, if you want to run a successful store you need to do what is more convenient for your customers. Now the real story comes out, more convenient for you, fair enough but next time be honest and don't try and sell it as a benefit for the customer.
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    OK i got it, i got it, i still offer USPS! But certainly is more convenient for me use UPS, they are more efficient and flexible (the label software is great). Well the shipping times vary from where it was shipped and where it goes. About damaged boxes i got more problems with USPS personally, i mean; I am the one who deal with costumers. Also another problem is when costumers type wrong they address and USPS will just send it bacn. Now USPS delivers the package to the local postal office of the destination country and first world country's have a very good postal offices. I have no problem at all with USPS when i ship to Canada (specially), England, Germany, Australia, Swiss etc. Everything else is delayed/damaged the 50% of time or more.
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    I also think USPS is the way for shipping here to Canada!
    Alot cheaper and they interconnect with our post office... UPS does not.

    I have never had any delays with USPS, either when you ship to me or with ebay purchases.
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