Storm32 BGC gimbal

After combining my retracts from my previous blog post and my conversion plate to turn the 2-axis into a 3-axis gimbal

then also adding a mounting plate for the Storm32 BCG controller, further testing and setup goes great so far

Also did some tests using the spektrum sat option for the second operator to control the gimbal movements remotely (with possible future retract control also)

further settings to be done to fix the tilt upward issue I'm having yet

3689639347?profile=originalGoodluckbuy v1.31 Board:

HC-06 Bluetooth Module (supports auto bluetooth tool in gimbal gui):

Gimbal Frame

2-axis to 3-axis conversion plate:

Gimbal yaw motor:

Gimbal Roll & Pan Motors:

Controller Mounting plate: (Part from this:

Current firmware: (v0.65e)

Storm32 Wiki:

Storm32 Main Site:

3689639239?profile=originalFor anyone not familiar with the Storm32 controller the GUI gives you setup wizards for setup of motors, imu, Bluetooth and advanced settings to control Mavlink options for future development use with arducopter and such

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  • I dont use mavlink data feature since I dumped my 3dr controller ,and haven't got a pixhawk or newer one yet

    OlliW would know that answer for you

  • Can I read the current 3 angles (yaw, pitch and roll) from the mavlink feed?

  • Latest Update

    added rc overlay for manual control 

    link to apk

    overlay button after clicking menus show rc overlay


    after clicking overlay icon


    you can drag the overlay around if you grab a non control area of it
  • Another Update

    Android app update 0.0.9
    1. Redesigned internal screen/cards operations, got rid of using android fragments, nothing visual but simplified code a lot and should improve stability on orientation changes and app relaunch also should bump ui related performance
    2. Added graphs (Data Display), will polish it a bit more later
    3. Moved settings to dialog
    4. Added version name to connect screen
    5. Battery smoothing setting to be OFF, 0.01, 0.02v deadband and LPF
    6. Added app icon based on wikipedia gimbal image
    7. Some bugfixes

    Android APK Here (might need previous uninstalled first)

  • Another Update

    one more android app update for today, 0.0.8
    1. Added status update only if it is different or voltage is different more than 0.02v
    2. Changed state colors to be distinct
    3. On orientation change view should stay on the same tab and zoom preserved (if it was zoomed it will reopen same one)
    4. Enabled settings in menu, only "disconnect on exit" effective at the moment

    Android APK Here
  • New release update 

    Android app release 0.0.7
    1. Added status polling
    2. Added heartbeat dot to indicate activity, will change color according to state colors
    3. Fixed Level and Restart commands will not cause disconnect/reconnect to the board
    4. Added back button support to close drawer and zoomed cell

    Android APK Here
  • New release update 

    Android app release 0.0.6

    1. Added swipe left/right to change tab
    2. Added card zoom in (by default all values are read only, except for enable/disable all motors), in zoomed card it will allow to change values
    *See screenshot
    3. Added left/right buttons to the bar so it is easy to fine tune desired value, e.g. just drag bar to approximate value and then click left/right bar to adjust
    4. Added Send debug data to the ... menu, so in case you get some weird result - send the data with comment

    Looking for a feedback on new UI


    Android APK Here
  • a8383722-133-PA300038.JPG?width=400

  • Oct 31st 2015 File Here for the android app

    Release 0.0.5 of android controller
    1. Redesigned read/write buffer usage using ByteBuffer (should bump buffer usage performance)
    2. Fixed Save, enable/disable motors should work now

    RC Commands control overlay is in the works.
  • New Android Tuning App by XOR.IO @ RCGroups

    Latest File Here

    A few screenshots on my 36"TV using my S805 Media Box


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