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Stress-testing Y6 fully autonomous missions

Ahead of the Iris launch, we've been testing more and more tough missions in fully autonomous modes. Next to our Berkeley offices we've got a small courtyard with high walls that is a combination of dodgy GPS and gusting wind. So naturally enough the Flight Ops team decided to run full autonomous missions with a 3DR Y6 all afternoon to stress test the tuning. I walked out during one of these and caught it on video, above.

This is a fully autonomous takeoff, three waypoints and autolanding. It did this all afternoon and always landed around one meter from launch point. 

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  • I guess that's an interesting question... what the limits of I2C exactly?  I never thought of that before.  I'm actually mounting mine back on the tail boom, and the cable has got to be about 50cm or more.  Doesn't seem to be a problem.

  • Y-6 >> Hexas on landing. The wind resistance and stability are just naturally better. Our hexas sometimes drift <+-2m from gusts/ground effects on very low climb_rates (like that in the video, aka descent rate that is).

    Jack, also, the good'ol oil pan allowed moving the compass to anywhere you wanted within I2C limits. I usually have mine 1-2" above the oilpan back then/now and worked great.

    Though, I have to admit, my MTK1.9 (5Hz) is almost dead-on with what the Ublox does.

  • Jack, a number of people were putting the APM GPS and Compass on a boom for a long long time.  ;)  

  • ublox-6 is a winner. Hard to believe it took so long for someone to think of putting GPS & compass on a boom, DJI  being the one.

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    Powerlines as well, nice trailer as I believe you chaps in the new world call them.

  • So sorry I was yelling over that entire clip...

  • Looks really good, I think that flying up from ground and landing back in the center of the courtyard courtyard saved you from the worst of the multipath.

    While you were actually flying around you were probably above multipath.

    My guess is if you set take off and landing near your tall wall it won't behave quite so well.

    And in between high rises, forget about it, multipath is a real monster.

    All that aside, excellent flights and as good as you could hope.

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