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  • NP. We are working on a 150% sytryker with completely different airfoils and lots of CFD and imperial testing. Wont be too long......
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    I like it! I thought about setting up my stryker with dual rudders (independant control) and use them like air brakes, cause I don't know about yours but when I get mine loaded down w/the bigger batt and the BAM I kind of have to bring it in a little hot, which makes my nice black paint turn white!

    Thanks for camera details, I'm going to check it out.
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  • Those are pretty neat little cams, to bad its not linux compat, do you know if they supply the source of the drivers?
  • Video is the camera from It was recorded on board. We are trying to become a dealer with them. Hope we can bring the price down a bit.
  • Winds were 15+ on those flights. Hard to keep the bobble down on a 21oz bird at 65kph.
  • Curt you are correct. The only fix to it is to add a good amount of down thrust and that still does not solve the issue. Its not the best bird but man Atto flys it very well. Brian, Yes it has rudder control on both surfaces. I have a small 2mm carbon rod connecting the top of the vertical stabs together so they do not move independently.
  • Looks good, seemed like the "high" frequency bobble of the aircraft was similar in autopilot mode versus manual mode, so there's probably not that much you can do to tune it out without going to some super high end system that runs everything at 1000hz.
  • which camera did you use ? Is it a transmitted video recording or onboard ?
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    Do you have controls on both verticle stabs or just one for rudder? I'm guessing both have controls w/one pushing/pulling the other. Also are you recording local or transmitting down to record on ground? Like the videos. Makes me want to toss up my Stryker.
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