Stuck in the mud?


Hard landings with my 3DR quad always puts it firmly 3 inches into the ground, splitting the legs up and destroying the nylon spacers.

I created these very simple bumpers so i don't have to dig up my quad anymore:


They are made from pipe insulation and a wooden hub from a broomstick i had laying around.

I cut up the stick in four 18 mm pieces to replace the nylon spacers and drilled a 3 mm hole in the center.

CA glued the hub to the middle of the foam piece and cut openings for the two legs.

Finally i replaced the two short 3 mm screws with a longer one that goes through both legs and the hub, securing it with a locknut.





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  • I make similar landing gear bumper for Turnigy Talon V2.


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    Very nice solution, give the legs less "biting power" on surface too! I like it a lot! 

    BTW I sell the red arms (but for legacy 3DR frames using 28cm arms compared to the new ones 24cm) 

    RED replacement Arms


  • in texas we use mud tires XD no this was a very smart idea, it would be wise to think of different situations that can occur because of our landing spot. mud is one of many things.

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    Thanks guys! Alex, i painted them :-)

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    Very good solution!  Simple, lightweight and cheap!!

    BTW where did you get the red arms from?

  • Very clever! There have been a few discussions about the legs over the months.

    Your solution is cheap and effective. A+


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