Stunt sheep

I know I'm probably going to get some heat for posting this, but some of you may enjoy a little collage of a "day in the life of a BlackSheep" nonetheless

If it helps, all approvals necessary were obtained, an army of ground helpers were available, as well as constant communication with the heliport tower to stay in the loop about incoming traffic.

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  • Comments closed. Thanks all for the discussion.

  • 3D Robotics

    I've asked Trappy to close the comments on this thread. I think it's gone long enough and is now descending into incivility.  I have removed some comments that were verging on personal attacks. 

  • Brian, sorry I know our page can be a bit messy. and you guessed it, we're way too busy flying our hearts out, the product section has grown incredibly and we're probably going to need to re-structure the products.

    if you haven't seen it, we do have a checkout and buy button, it's under ... once you add products to the cart you can do a paypal checkout. 

    in any case, thanks for enjoying our videos. in 3h we're having a 1-year-NY-video celebration here, we booked a couple of flights too ... hope you guys enjoy what we'll come up with :)

  • I think the only heat you would get from this is how damn good it is. I love watching every video Team Blacksheep does, when it comes to flying I think there at the top and they constantly try to outdo themselves, because nobody else comes close.


    The only problem I have with Team Blacksheep website is there’s no main page. What I mean there’s no main web store that you can visit and select what products you want to order and then have it go to PayPal and check out. In that department they’re way behind, maybe because they spend so much time flying and bringing these excellent video’s out. Maybe I just never found the right web page, been to amazed at watching the video's.


    I not sure how many make up Team Blacksheep but I do know Trappy fly’s like a bird, I’m thinking he may even have wings himself!

  • I've been on and off this site for some time.  When I could, I have contributed what I thought were interesting directions, or tidbits of data, and even hardware designs.  I sincerely enjoy spirited discussions like this one.  I am going to say a few things, then be on my way.


    - First, we must all acknowledge that what we do with this hardware CAN be dangerous; to what degree is determined by a combination of planning, adherance to a set of logical guidelines, and just plain common sense about what is safe.  Second, disagreements about the size, weight, speed, etc. are all about the degree of damage that can be done...not about the FACT that damage CAN be done - we've all seen it happen, so arguing about whether or not it can, or the possible severity is just more grist for the mill.  Sometimes the damage is not directly to a person or property, but to the hobby and to the fun, and possibly the freedoms we currently enjoy.  As this is an international forum the rules are different for some of us than they are for others.


    I have to say what concerns me most (WAY more than trappy's videos - which by the way really have VERY little to do with drones since they are done FPV by a person, and not by APM or any other system found on this or any other site about autopilot hardware) is the rancor and lack of respect that we seem capable of tossing back and forth like verbal grenades.  I'm not going to whine and say, "Can't we all just get along," primarily because as I said, I enjoy the spirited conversation - but can we please keep the personal attacks to a minimum??


    I recommend this site to family, friends, and even my son - but when it gets too snarky, it becomes another pointless flame forum.


    @Paul - I sincerely appreciate your candor, support of the hobby and you do, in fact, bring up a ton of salient points in this thread...some of which are diminished by sarcasm (which I understand is sometimes used to make a point.)

    @trappy - You have got some mad skills when it comes to FPV and I freely admit to loving your videos, but I also must say that they ARE cutting edge.  Surely you can see how some people, whether inside the community or through the eyes of a complete novice, might consider it dangerous and might therefore turn to government to regulate it.  And again, surely you can agree that would generally be a bad thing - I don't want my fun day at the field with my son to be turned in to felonious fodder for the evening news because of some misguided new legislation based upon what an ill informed public and legislative body saw on Youtube.


    That's all I have to say 'bout that.  

  • Wrong, that's what you report. The news has been using words such as "amazing", "innovative", "spectacular" and all these jibblywords that you never use on a day to day basis becase you're way to sour, unimaginative and afraid to go out into the world with a bit of positivity. There, I said it.

    With all the BS you've been spreading in this thread, you're doing way more to increasing the perceived risk of this hobby than any other video or person could ever do. In your own words, all it takes is one idiot internet user to blow a video way out of proportion, and one politician takes up this nearly non-existant cause, and the fun is over. That, my friend, is reality punching you in the face. I'll go enjoy your next "last comment" now.

  • This will be my last comment on the topic. Actual risk has very little to do with perceived risk. If the plane weighs 5lb's and is capable of 150MPH, then that's what the news will report. A 5 lb plane capable of speeds up to 150 MPH hit a person in the back of the head, killing them on the campus of UVA today. Was the plane going 150 MPH? No. Does that matter? No.

    Texting on cell phones has recently become something to ban here in Ohio. Is texting more dangerous than eating, getting dressed, putting on make-up or even smoking? I doubt any risk analysis has been done on these topics. Even talking on a cell phone while pumping gas is not allowed....even though it's IMPOSSIBLE to blow up a car by using a cell phone.

    Perceieved risk is the issue and all it takes is one accident and then one idiot politician takes up this nearly non-existant cause....and the fun is over.

  •    Incidently, the AMA is not a government body and is without legal force.  The AMA makes suggestions or recommendations for model flying.

  •   Should the FAA get a hold of drones, one should understand they may look for fines in the quarter million dollar range and may not fight fair.  "The most important distinction in government is the degree of government" -- Sam P. Huntington 



  • There already is an AMA code that covers FPV.



    It is not by any means law, but I basically follow it other than that i don't use a specific buddy box for my spotter.

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