Ever fly on days you know you shouldn't? Trees were swaying, and my gut was saying no. But I guess you never know until you try. I'd have to say that I couldn't fly in this wind. The ground track of the aircraft was so unintuitive, especially on landing. At times it was just hoovering overhead making minimal progress.

Days like this that really test your autopilot.

Anyway, this video shows my full auto-landing sequence, complete with the dive from 180 feet down to 50, and final flare with reverse thrust. The throttle you hear on landing is reverse, not forward thrust.

Entire flight is automated. Takeoff, flight to 3 waypionts, and finally landing. Enjoy :)
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  • @Dean - No, good question. The wind was very variable, and even stopped at times. But during the flight I have a wind estimator running. Data collected above the trees showed about 28 mph just prior to landing. For landing I circle and get the difference between pitot and ground speed, do a circle, get the min and max. I suppose it could be off, but it was very windy. You can also see the aircraft crabbing in the wind during flight and on landing. I land at a bearing almost 45 degrees from where I'm pointing.
  • How did you measure the 28+ mph wind? No disrespect intended, but the grass wasn't moving all that much so I feel the need to ask. I once flew in ground-measured 25mph with gusts to 50 mph and it was very scary for a 3.3 Lb flying wing: http://www.vimeo.com/3516346

    The landing didn't require any positive ground speed: http://www.vimeo.com/3507464
  • Nice job!
  • Sith throttles?! Always two, there are...
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