Sunk DJI Phantom Found In The Ocean After One Year

sunk phantom found 2

We have heard about the news of a Phantom 2 and GoPro found after spending a year at the bottom of the Ocean in California. At that point in time, the diver, John La Grange of Solana Beach who found the quad and retrieved the footage from the near intact GoPro was still analyzing the video to locate the rightful owner.

The recovered DJI Phantom 2

Now FOX 5 News of San Diego reports that the quad was returned to its owner on Friday. Having spent such a long time submersed, the Phantom did not survive, but the GoPro still had the footage on it and appears to be in good working condition. That is how the diver – who was out to catch dinner for the day – has been able to trace it back to a local resident called Matt Smith and left a note on his door asking if he owned a quad. La Grange apparently recognized the home from some of the footage recovered from the GoPro. On that same day, Smith said another friend e-mailed him the story Fox 5 covered of the “under the sea” discovery.

Smith tried offering La Grange a reward, but he refused to accept it. Smith said he believes the drone went down on November 2, 2013 because of a battery malfunction. He said he was horrified to see the drone sink into the Pacific and thought he would never see it again.

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