41232.jpgThe 'Super Hungry Board' allows you to provide up to 8speed controllers with a maximum of 400A in total of power.


Either use the 4mm bullet plugs or the solder pads to connect the power lines of your esc to this power distribution board.

Amps Capable: 400
Connectors: 4mm and solder Pads
Size: 74X22mm
Weight: 101g (less with heat syncs removed)


Available from Hobbyking for US$ 12.88

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  • Its not realistic to eliminate the bullet connection feature IMHO since quick disconnection/reconnection of each motor during motor/prop balancing is needed from time to time as is individual motor testing. However I still think there is room for improvement on this concept as the stacked PDB still requires hub height and that needs to be minimized so as to fit inside of a Cinestar 6 or 8 hub without forcing the builder tor raise components and the batteries too high!

  • A high current PDB only costs two cents - one penny for positive and one for negative.  Thick self adhesive neoprene pipe insulation makes good electrical insulation.  Bullets should not be used and are the source of many unexplained crashes IMHO.

  • Facepalm: These come with replaceable riser too.

  • Data missing here is the stack height. Important data, if you stack these internally. At least with the Gryphon you can replace the risers to reduce it; not sure if you can here.

    Interesting sidenote: HK's green 45A ESC's use 5mm bullets, so the joined-up-thinking department was obviously on holiday that day.

  • Lol at the suckers who paid $275 for Power Hungry Systems boards....more like $$$ Hungry Systems, as the saying goes, you make it and market it...someone will buy it!....This is my fav! if only the BEC option was cheaper Id take it!  http://www.gryphon-mall.com/category.php?id_category=10 , Personally I use this with an extra layer of solder on the tracks http://store.jdrones.com/product_p/hexapdpcb1.htm

  • Or you can just use pure copper washers and solder female bullet sockets on for like $5. ;)

  • MR60

    Here is an alternative that takes much less space:

    Vulcan Power 400A Power Distribution Board 
        Power distribution board for large multicopters.

    This board uses 2mm thick copper sheet to provide huge current handling capacity, with 13 pairs of solder pads to handle all you battery, ESC and power feed requirements.

    Diameter: 64mm  Weight: 50g  Mounting Holes: 3mm  Copper Thickness: 2mm Solder pad diameter: 7mm  Current Capacity: up to 400A

    Please Note: Due to the very high copper thickness on this board you will need a soldering iron of  minimum 80W to make good solder joints, ideally more!




  • Would that help reduce the mag field interference from the PDB ?

  • At 400 amps, even some uOhms will make some watts

  • I don't see the sense in having heat sinks on a power distribution board. If it's getting hot, means the copper isn't thick enough..

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