You may remember our previous posts of Guppy, Hornbill and Kiwit. Well, we now have a fully composite UAV, called SurVoyeur, in production.  This aircraft is a sub 4.5kg electric, able to carry up to 600grams payloads for up to 45minutes. It is also a fully autonomous system, with full autolaunch and autoland in harsh terrain. It has been extensively flown here in Namibia, mostly on land surveying missions, photographing up to 150hectare in one flight. We have fitted it with a Samsung 20Mpixel camera, giving us down to 2cm ground resolution on the resulting georeferenced ortho-images.

It is fitted with a Hacker A30-12XL motor and a 12x8 folding prop. 2 Lipo packs are used, 4 cell 5Ah each.

Takeoff in no wind is in 8 meters ground run, climb out at 7meters/sec @ sea level.

We have also fitted the FLIR TAU-2 IR camera and the FLIR QUARK IR camera and are currently busy with flight trials with a view to using the system as a further aid to the Ministry for Conservation here, for anti-poaching efforts.

Here are some pictures showing the path walked to get to the above result......

First the fuselage plug primed then painted :


And a bunch of wings cut and ready for vacuum bagging:


All these parts were designed on a CAD system with a full 3d Model created for all parts. Molds were made for fuselage, horizontal and vertical stabs ( and for the V tail stab) and for the many small parts that go into such a project.

Here are the horizontal and vertical stabs:


And the Vertical Stabs:3689464747?profile=original

The Vertical Stab Molds:


Many Parts:




Here is a PDF of the system, for info.


And some videos:



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  • Aaaa, esqueci ... minha asa voa mais que 40km usando menos bateria que esse aviao ai e tem muitop mais estabilidade pois é maior e mais pesada.

    Esse aviaozinho ai nao vai voar legal no vento.

  • mais afinal tu quer um desses ou o mugin ? ou a minha asa ?

    Se tu quer um mugin eu tenho um para vender.

    10.000,00 pratas brasileiras.

    Se quizer um SWAN2 tambem tenho um mais custa bem mais caro.

    Usei eles para testes e nao gostei do aviao.

    Airframes bons custam caro meu camarada.

    Ficar especulando por ai nao vai diminur o preço dos equipamentos.

    Aaa, antes que eu esqueça, comprar um airframe desses e usar um ardupilot nao vale a pena.

  • Gisela and Joe,

    NamPilot is a commercial product? Where I can find more information, prices, features etc?

    Never had answers...

  • Amazing UAV.

    I'm interested in few complementary informations. Sent request friend, keep in contact.


  • wonderful -- congratulations Nambia; in allowing this industry to proceed.

    Shame on the US for squashing technology like a bug. (FCC, FAA, FDA, ATF)

    (for radio, flight, health, and rocketry respectively)

  • @Robin aircraft . . . is there a equivalent sized electric engine conversion from Robin's OS.46AX glow plug engine?

  • Want more info? Just google NamPilot. This is a sophisticated and impressive set-up as evidenced with reading their PDFs describing NamPilot Autopilot, Ground Control Station and Inertial Autopilot Sensor Pack.

  • Say something about ready to fly kits and price/delivery time - if you have time for such?

  • Moderator

    Thats Robin is a great looking thing!

  • http://www.mosquitobiteplanes.com/robin.html

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