Synchronised video/stills and position in HD


I thought this looked like quite a cool concept so I asked them about it. An HD camera / GPS logging solution with some pretty funky software for linking the recorded video and data gathered together afterwards.

This requires us to develop a complete new product family which is based around a HD camera solution which meets the specific requirements for, lets say, an RC helicopter pilot. It should be small, very robust, but most importantly able to take care of vibrations caused by the RC model plane or helicopter. But it should stay affordable and allow easy additional data collection via quick and simple module based add-on’s which can be connected to the main unit quickly and easily without needing to engage in rocket science.

Part of the development plan is an HD downlink.

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    Okay just got a reply regarding the does not have composite video out so unfortunately no good for down linking video
  • If found the rclogger site and looked around a bit. I am wondering has anyone found a development blog or some such where progress could be tracked?

    I am looking forward to see their implementation of the fpv panning with head motions.
  • the orintation and force could e used as an imu, it has gyros, accels, ans a 3axis magnometer for $70, much less than anything like it :
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    I have been looking a this Contour units but cannot see an option for "video out"....hmmm will see what their rep replies with...
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    Ohh good find Condor.

    I saw a camera meant for cars the other day with a GPS OSD, all built in and 70 quid. These are the stills cameras that I know of at the minute. Its the software that's the interesting thing in this offering I think.
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    I got an email from Amazon the other day with a GPS model from Contour I suspect GoPro will have one next.
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    Well I'm guessing it must from the video, or horrors, it uses GPS heading? Without the GPS it would just seem to be a camera ;-)
  • Hmm I must say I am impressed. I hope they can deliver what they are promising with the "light weight" and "low cost" they are speaking of. I like the idea of the system being highly modular as it allows for many different applications. Anyone know of a main site for this project to get more information?
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    Does it have a compass unit?
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