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Congrats to our friends at the Syria Airlift Project, who conducted an experimental project this weekend in Sacramento to train refugees to use Pixhawk-powered fixed-wing drones to deliver supplies into conflict zones. From the video description:

On March 28-29, 2015, Uplift Aeronautics trained a group of Arab-Americans--including refugees from the conflicts in Iraq and Syria--to operate a fleet of four Waliid UAVs for medical deliveries to inaccessible populations. Families took part in every activity, from packing cargo and making parachutes to running preflight checklists and operating ground stations. You can learn more about our project and donate at syriaairlift.org. 

Uplift Aeronautics is a nonprofit corporation (501(c)3 status pending) with a mission to empower and aid communities through innovative aviation technology.

This video was filmed and produced by Retrospect Productions at http://retrospectproductions.com.

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  • Nobody can deny the humanitarian need that exists at this moment. But no one can bypass the serious security issues that exist. A possible leak critical material to the ISIS, which would acquire the portfolio was causing significant problems for other innocent people.Of course at the end, the history will show whether or not related.............

  • Once the export restrictions for Pixhawk and other "critical"  3dr products, "are open",  the next second the ISIS portfolio  there will an UCAV.

This reply was deleted.