T-5 Months and Counting to GSA1


What's GSA1? It's the first, of hopefully many, Global Synchronized Autonomy(GSA) events celebrating planetary technical solidarity. It's the opportunity to start/trigger your favorite autonomous systems using any time synchronized device. What are autonomous systems? They include, but are not limited to: flying, walking, crawling, rolling, floating autonomous systems; don't forget life forms also fall into the category of autonomous systems. :) What's a time synchronized device? In this case, it relates to devices that have the ability synchronize within a few seconds globally; these include: computers, cell phones, watches, etc.... Most anything that connects to a communication network, for example the internet, will probably suffice. So start thinking about how to participate - the who, the how, and the whats; - the when is June 25th, 2016 @ 17:00 UTC. "What are we gonna do now?" - Joe Strummer

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