T3 back to the future a reminder


First off Chris Anderson reminds everybody he is known as old tiny hands in the 3DR offices, this the servo for the rover that he is entering into this round of the competition.

Rob keeps mentioning his chopper.


Some Australian fellows appear to have a flying site with a big flag next to it.


If you have no idea what I am referring to with this images and are brave enough to learn more then pop on over to the latest T3 round thread

Its not too late to enter either, these things are always flexible especially if you drop me a PM saying you are giving it a go but XYZ fell off or a tree caught your machine.

Thanks to everyone that has entered so far its a spirited affair! 

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    My 4WD Traxxas E-Maxx can do 60 mph in the straights so I was going to use it in the T3 Rover competition. Unfortunately the APM2.6 navigation controller's SD chip went south and I cannot down load either tlogs or dataflash logs. So I have opted to upgrade to a Pixhawk with dual GPSs like my Sparkfun AVC Slash 4WD rovers.

    The Pixhawk should be here around the middle of next week so I have been busy fabing a new mount for the Pixhawk and GPS/Compass module up front over the front spring towers and a mount aft of the rear shock towers to hold the second GPS.

    If all goes well, I should be able to run the T3 rover course a week from this Saturday.


    Tom C AVD 

  • What is the deadline for entries?

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