T3 the Vertical Horizontal one


This one should be easy if you have any of the current crop of Kickstarter VTOL airframes, of course I will award less points so you might not win.

The task is simple.... (not)

Auto take off

Autonomous hover for at least 1 minute after take off

Transition to winged flight and fly no higher than 120m

Then circle radius 80m for as long as you can. (This makes the circle 500m a turn)

This of course points to the current delivery drone mania. To get noticed by Amazon try for greater than 24km about the distance their machine can deliver (apparently)

We will make this a six month contest as its hard. On the plus side its building time in the Northern Hemisphere.

For extra points some sort of silly cargo that makes me smile. Super bonus points added for an autonomous vertical landing as well. (All landings to be vertical)

If you can make a multirotor fly that far then all well and good, but I will be looking for the least amount of power used in event of a draw. 

The longest distance wins.

Good luck, I look forward to May 2nd 2016 and the fruit of your labors.

Glittering prizes TBA

Let the pointing out of my Swiss cheese thinking commence...

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    That does look good.  I'm not an expert in this area but I think without some additional control surfaces it will suffer when it tries to control it's yaw (which will become roll when it's pitched over at 90degrees) at high speed.  Anyway, you probably don't need naysayers at this point, so best of luck!

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    Its getting colder in my part of the world, must mean winter and May approaches this is a hot topic folks should start coming out of the woodwork now.

  • Awesome!  Let us know when you have a successful VTOL transition...I'm interested to see if it works with that design. :)

  • T3

    I all.

    I take three months do build our prototype, he is ready and he made his first flight yesterday.

    It is a X-Quad-Wing, weight is 1,2kg with a 4S 5Ah battery.

    See you soon for nex step

  • Rob: Correct. We did not have any payload for these test flights. We are also flying in 0 deg C temps, so you probably know better than us what effect that has on flight time.

  • Interesting to see some results from a tiltrotor. Those numbers are without payload?

  • We created a new aircraft specifialy for our own tiltrotor software development and recently measured it's performance. Thought it would be interesting to share some results. We don't have a winning log to post, but here are some details. We have placed a much longer write up on our last years work at

    Photuris specifications/equipment:

    1. Wingspan: 1830MM (single wing length:850mm)

    2. Fuselage length: 1270MM

    3. Wing area: 41.06 dm2

    4. TOGW= 3.5 kg

    5. (6) Tiger MT3506 650 kv motors

    6. (6) Hobbywing 40A ESC

    7. (6) Carbon Fiber T-Style Propeller 10x5.5

    8. (2) 5200 mAH Multistar 6S Lipos

    9. HKPilot-32 Flight Controller

    10. HK Pilot Power VI Module PDB

    11. Ublox Neo-M8N GPS with Compass

    12. HKPilot 32 Digital Airspeed Sensor And Pitot Tube Set

    13. (3) BMS-375DD Digital Servos 1.6kg / .11sec / 9.6g ((2)Aileron and (1)Elevator) No rudder actuation required with airplane mode differential thrust yaw control

    Photuris Performance

    Cruise Speed

    Avg Amp Consumption

    Estimated Range

    Estimated Endurance

    14 m/s


    30 km

    36 min

    13 m/s


    32 km

    42 min

    12 m/s


    35 km

    49 min




  • Hi Rob,

    In the next months we (my company and NGO's) should find the best way to transport medicines in Madagascar by drones. We have to cross more than 10km with more than 2kg payload, do you think that a converted hobby helicopter could be the right choice ?


  • Is this thing dead?

    Pulse Aero has demonstrated delivery of 10lbs of payload over a distance of 14 miles. (22.4km) using a 700 size helicopter.  Nothing really special about this helicopter either.  Just another converted hobby helicopter (I believe it's a MiniCopter Diabolo)

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    They fear the helicopter Rob. 

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