T9X radio: customize your own flight modes stickers


Until now I had an ugly piece of paper taped on the side of my T9X radio to remember the flight modes configured on the 3 position F.mode in combination with the position of the Ail switch. Not only was this ugly but it was not quick enough to read when you needed to switch modes (especially when you 're looking in panic to find the right switch combination to RTL...)

I saw a great customization trick in one of the 3DRobotics IRIS video where they had customized a sticker around those two switches to indicate the various flight modes.


I decided to reproduce this sticker and give the SVG file to the community so you can print your own (and change text/colors). To edit the SVG you can use the "INKSCAPE" program which is completely free and very easy to use:




This is how my custom sticker looks on my T9X:


Once printed, use an exacto knife to cut the holes, that's it !

Attached the SVG file, have fun!


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  • Yes could you please share that T8SG SVG file

  • Tissy just found this thread CAN YOU PLEASE post the files for the stikers for the flight modes for the Futaba t8fg.

    radio. Thanks

  • MR60

    Hi Jose, I attached my SVG files in the link, I posted here above (4th comment). As far as the sticker goes, I simply used a white inkjet sticker paper. You will find this easily in any office supplies shop.

    I then cut the sticker to the right contour (depends on your particular placement and Tx); you should cut a cardboard emplate of your contour which you can then reuse multiple times , doing the effort once.

  • This is for Steven also.

    Can you please share the T8FG source and SVG files? Can you tell us what type of labels and printing are being used?  (Ink Jet, Laser, labels brand, sources to purchase from)



  • @Steven can you attach the svg files too?

  • MR60

    @Steven : very nice !

    By the way I received today the long expected TARANIS! Guess what ? I'm disappointed in lots of tiny details : plastic is not as good quality as the T9X, the sticks make spring sounds like it is low quality (it doesn't on the T9X), the battery compartment cover is really hard to put in place, the pots do not have markings for the middle, start and end (the T9X has these markings), etc, etc.

    I hope that the apparent lower quality looks versus T9X shall be compensated by better functionality. To be tested...

  • 3692879054?profile=originalHaving taken inspiration from Hugues excellent work, I have laid the template for the Futaba T8FG radios.

    I am printing these onto high gloss adhesive backed vinyl and the results are very nice indeed.

    A couple of bits to finish off and I will post the source files.

  • MR60

    Indeed, I ordered and paid the taranis but am waiting since September to get delivered... In the meantime you should not neglect your good old T9x!

  • Distributor

    Who needs a visual aid on switches when you can get the Taranis to display and shout out loud the mode you just switched to... :)  ok ok not everyone can get a Taranis... but it's freaking awesome! 

    ok back to your post. That is exactly how 3DR did it for the Iris radio. thanks for sharing this, it's nice and clean. 


  • MR60

    The file attachment function does not seem to work. Strange.

    Here is a link to the SVG file :


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