Tarot T810 build log


I have been searching high and low for a good affordable large hexa system, with the main objective to lift 500gr (camera, FPV transmitter, etc) for as long as possible, and have the video stabilized. 

The S800 looked ok, but due to some issues around the boom flexibility and cost, I ditched that idea. The Carbon Core, Steadidrone H6X also looked very nice, but once again cost played a big role.

So, I stumbled across the Tarot T810, for $330 I got the frame. I needed to add some extras for folding landing gear (not retract) and the camera rail mount which was not included.

I'm doing a build log to not only "hopefully" help someone out there, but also have a place to get some input from the community in getting the max flight time. The Hexa will be used for local security missions and possibly also help in the Rhino Poaching crises we're facing in South Africa.

My system:

  • Tarot T810 Frame
  • Sunnysky 4112S 400kv
  • 40 Turnigy Plush
  • 15X4.7" props
  • APM (of course!) - Looking forward to a maiden flight on AC3rc6
  • Martinez gimbal controller
  • Brushless Gimbal
  • Gens Ace 6S 5500Mah X 2
  • Estimated AUW including gimbal and camera - 5.3kg

The frame went together nicely, only issue I had was the hole in one of the landing gear braces was skew, I just drilled it straight with a bigger drill bit.

Here is a view of the frame in it's folded position. It folds nice and small - about 900mm in length


Here are the motors I'm planning to use, hopefully I get my flight time. Powerrrr! Notice the ESC mounting plates under the motor mount.


I like the prop attachment.


I also like the way the booms lock in place with a dovetail clamp, very secure.


Here is a shot of the little power distribution "lugs" - I just soldered all the power wires in place with huge amounts of solder.


I'm planning to install the ESC's under the motors, I have read about some scare stories on RCGroups about this idea, but I have never personally had problems with this.

I am however a little concerned about the wire gauge for power - using 16AWG to the motors and 12AWG to the battery. I'll do a full power test to see if they heat up, and by how much. 

I'm wating for my ESC's to arrive, and will continue the log once they're here!

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    The Flir is quite heavy, allmost 400gr, the guys claim that a Sony NEX would fit (i think so too)
  • Jy het 'n wonderlike werk gedoen met hierdie bou

    This is exactly the same type of build I'm planning to do in the near future.  Thanks for sharing.  Just a few questions though.  Are you running any other types of cameras on this bird?  Your gimbal seems great for the FLIR camera and obviously a go-pro, but can it hold a slightly larger point and shoot?  One of my biggest concerns is getting landing gear or spinning props in my videos and pictures.  Is this happening with your setup?

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  • Hi, may I know what is the average amps consumed during hover?

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    @Daniel - I'm talking about the dovetail end (on the center plate side). I doubt the boom will just come off, the worst that could happen is the boom twists in flight and the motor's angel changes.

    @Welcome - I basically just tuned Rate and Stab values - the rest is default. Here are the params I changed from the default that comes with AC3.0.1b.


  • I also want to make a T810 with APM, can you send your PID setting to me for reference?

    Thank you!

  • When you say boom end blocks are you talking about the dovetail end or the motor end? My Tarot 960 is assembled and I'm just waiting on my receiver. I don't want the legs to fly off mid flight.

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    So the Tarot T810 frame has been built and tested, and I must admit that I'm very happy with this frame and the way it went together.

    Some points to watch out for:

    The booms are screwed into the boom end blocks and holes drilled through for the wiring - these boom end blocks were not 100% tightened, and when I tightened it I severed the wiring causing a HUGE short when I plugged in my 6S batteries. I had to take them apart, redo all my wiring, and put them back together. I ended up epoxy glueing them together gain - so keep this in mind and epoxy the booms into the boom end caps from the start.

    Some Specs

    AUW (flight weight) - 5.4kg

    Flight time: 23min with 11000mah

    Here is a short video showing a nice stable hover in Loiter mode.

    I hope this build log helps someone out there, give a shout if you need to know more.

    <gone flying>

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    I have been away for a while, but my Tarot T810 is finally tested, and all good to go.

    @Matt D - the gimbal I used: SKU 25354 Stormeye FPV Brushless Camera Gimbal Two Axis with 2pcs Motor for Mini SLR 5N GH2 GH3 FPV Camera Mount - from thanksbuyer.com (very happy with these guys, I get my parts in 2 - 3 day from Hong Kong to my door step!

    @ Vova Raznik - For the battery mounts, I ordered 

    SKU 25332 Tarot TL68B14 Inverted Battery Mounting Plate Set for 6 Axis Aircraft FY680 Hexacopter from thanksbuyer.com. I strapped them to the landing gear with cable ties, but I would recommend buying an extra pack of 25mm boom clamps from them, this way you can mount them properly and have some clamps to mount the GPS (the holes line up perfectly)

    Here is a picture:


  • If you have part numbers too, that would be SUPER :)

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